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Ugly Cuteness

These sloths may just be the ugliest and the cutest creatures ever!  I want one!  I want a pet sloth!

I’ve got ‘da fever…

…the Bieber Fever!    Ok, so the 16 year old pop tart’s music may be a little over played and on the corny side, but if you’ve ever heard it, you have to admit it’s catchy.   Plus…he may be underage, but how freakin’ cute is this little kid!!  So adorable!!

Send me a Puerto Rican Quarter!

We all know the saga that is the State Quarters. It’s hard to believe it was 10 years ago when the U.S. Department of Treasury & the U.S. Mint decided to start making individualized quarters for each of the 50 states. It seemed like a good idea, and some people even became crazed with trying to collect all the different quarters. The final states of Alaska & Hawaii were issued in 2008, which according to the “Official” 50 State Quarters Program, means it is completed.

Granted I am the farthest thing from a coin collector, but as I was grabbing a few quarters from my secret stash on my desk to hit up the vending machine; only because the apple I brought from home was completed black and mush inside; I noticed a Guam Quarter.  I thought perhaps it was fake, so I did some research and found the DC & US Territories Program.   That is right folks, in 2009 the U.S. Mint is wasting money again on expensive molds to create DC and US territory quarters.   So, I am on a mission to find a Puerto Rico quarter, heck I want to find a whole bunch!  I can see Bobo’s face now when he sees it!  He revels in anything Puerto Rican.   If you come across a Puerto Rico quarter save it and I will gladly exchange any other “regular” quarter for the all mighty Puerto Rican one.


…and hold to your seats folks, in 2010 the quarters go to the National Parks!  I am so excited I can barely contain myself!

I want to go to there

Sometimes, just sometimes my Interior Design background grab hold of me and allows me to relish in utterly fabulous design.  Virginia Tech has always been a huge competitor is the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon.   I always wanted to go down to the National Mall in Washington, DC, but the crowds were crazy so I settled for looking at the houses online.  In October of 2009 Virginia Tech will once again compete for the grand prize and with the amazingly awesome Lumenhaus, I think they could very well take the entire thing this year.   Watch the 10 min documentary about the house below and tell me that you don’t want to pack up and move to this seamingly huge 800sf pavillion.  My only question is when will these be mass produced and affordable?   Good Job Virginia Tech!!  Another fantastic product of the VT minds.  Go Hokies!

Rename my blog!!

A little background…my blog name, “Congratlations Universe, you win!”, came from a quote Jim made on The Office, referring to Dwight after he saved Jim from getting pummeled by Roy, Pam’s ex-fiance.   It was and still is one of the best quotes from The Office, however I feel it’s time for a change.

I’m fairly certain that the only person who reads my blog is my mother, and maybe on occassion my brother-in-law if he’s really bored.   I’ve been toying around with different blog names over the past couple months.  I called it “Short Person, Big City” for about week, and then it had a month long gig of “Fantabulously Maria!”, but neither seemed to really embrace the essence that is my pointless blog.    While “Congratulations Universe, you win!” is a fantastic tv quote, I feel it’s a little more dark with a defeatest attitude.   I named my blog at a low point, and now that I have a new life in Seattle, new friends, and a whole new outlook on life I think my blog title needs a face lift.

So,  help me rename my blog!!  There are no bad suggestions, especially since I will be shocked if more than 2 people actually respond to this post.   My goal is to have a witty, semi-quirky, blog name, that jumps out at you and embraces my personality and the non-sense that I blog about.

Start posting blog title suggestions in 3….2…..1….go!

VOTE!…not for president…but..

for Lane Stadium.   Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, VA, the home of my beloved Hokies is on the USA Today list of 10 great places to stand and cheer college football.

Read the Article.  It has nice things to say about Lane Stadium and the fans.  On the left hand column you’ll find a voting box.  VOTE for Lane Stadium!   It was only at 9% when I checked, and us Hokies can do much better than that.

Pass this along.  GO HOKIES!!!

Superhero & Villain

A colleague sent me some cool quizzes today, and since I haven’t posted anything is a LONG while I thought I would pass them along to the blogosphere to find out more about my loyal readers, all 4 of you!!

I am not a comic book guru, so I’m not 100% sure about my villain, but I’m interested to know everyone else’s answers.  Even if you think this is lame, at least it helped you waste a good 10 minutes at work 🙂

Which Super-Hero are you??

Which Super-Villain are you?

I took both quizzes.  I was slightly surprised to be categorized as Dr. Doom for my super villain, since it said I was consumed with “vanity” which I don’t think describes me at all, but maybe they know something I don’t.    I was ended up being Spiderman for my super-hero, which I think was totally fitting.  He’s a all around nice guy, Peter Parker doesn’t stick out too much in the regular world, but is totally crazy, daring, and fun when he is being Spiderman.  I think I can relate to that one.

Anywho…post your answers so we can all discuss or laugh at which ones you are.  In the meantime I’m off to change into to spandex and scale the side of my office building….holla!

Nickname Update…pick your favorite

Ok, as an update to the last post I have narrowed it down to 3 nicknames. I’ve listed them below, so I’d appreciate everyone’s input on which one they like best. I have to have my selection in by Wednesday. Thanks for everyone’s help and input! I am determined to have the best jersey on the Vollyeball courts this summer.

1. 4feet11 – (obviously a shot at my height, just plain and simple)

2. Maria The GIANT – (a play on the famous wrestler and “Princess Bride” actor, Andre the Giant)

3. Yao Ming – (thanks to Eli for this one. An ironic twist since this is the name of an oddly tall asian NBA player. My only problem with this choice is that no one i talk to seems to know who he is which doesn’t make it funny, it just confuses people)


update on “weighing in” – 135.6lbs! I even brought a salad to work for lunch. Gotta love the green stuff.

I need your suggestions!

I play on my company volleyball team in an architecture/engineering league in DC. It’s a fun league where everyone comes out with coolers of beer and hangs out at the sand courts and drinks and plays volleyball. My company, Jacobs, is ordering new t-shirts for the team this year and we have the opportunity to pick our number and put our name/nickname on the back.

This is where I need YOUR help! So many people have awesome nicknames, so I want to think of something really cool and/or funny to put on the back of my shirt. So far I have the following suggestions, most of which pertain to my height since obviously being 4’11” is not ideal for playing volleyball. In fact I can walk under the net without even ducking! Anyway, please help me think of a good and funny nickname!

Suggestions so far….

  • Shorty
  • Half Pint
  • 4foot11
  • midget
  • little one
  • lil’ bit
  • add midget
  • tiny one
  • A-D-D
  • Yao Ming

Any suggestions are helpful…and I’ll let you know who has the winning nickname. THANKS!!

P.S. from my previous post…current weight 137!

Yankee or Dixie?

(*First…it has taken me quite a while to find something new to post about.   How could I possibly find something better to follow up the pant-less metro riders, especially with that picture I posted.   Did anyone else, at first glance, think the girl in the comic underpants was wearing “white” tights/leggings??  I am pale and I know it, but that girl is freakishly pale and I actually applaud her, however unflattering, for ripping off her pants and riding the metro with those ghost legs.)

Ok!  Onto the real post.   A co-worker sent me this quiz today, which I already forwarded on to some of you, but if not here it is…

Yankee or Dixie? 

I may have grown up in Virginia for most of my life (excluding my 3 year vacation to Key West), but I have never really considered myself “southern”.   When people would point out that I was from “south”eastern Virginia, my argument would be that I was from Virginia Beach, which because of it’s beachy and coastal feel is not really southern, even though it is technically located in the south.   This claim always seemed to make sense to me, and even to this day I have never wanted to call myself southern, but after taking this quiz I guess I can’t hide it anymore, it is time to embrace my heritage.   I am truly a “southern” girl! 🙂

Although most of my answers seemed to result in “southeast” or “atlantic coast” responses, I was shocked that my answer of “feeder road” came with the result “Local to Houston and the eastern great lakes”.  Where the heck did I pick up that term??   However, I think the one result that made me chuckle was when my reponse “rolling” in terms of toilet papering someone’s home came back with the result “From the DEEP south”.

82% Dixie isn’t bad, and I have to admit I am somewhat proud to be slightly southern, besides, the south is where the nice people are!    Anyone want to come over for some fried chicken and mashed potatos later?   How about a trip to the Brew Thru in our pa”jam”mas and then picking up the roly polies from the lawn before our yard sale.

My new term for myself…. “urbanized southern”.

How dixie or yankee are you??