Anyeonghaseyo! Welcome to Maria in Korea!

As the blog title points out, my name is Maria and I live in Korea.  South Korea, just in case anyone is confused; you’d be surprised how many people ask.  In 2012 I packed up my life in Seattle, WA and moved across the Pacific to South Korea for work.  It’s all been a bit scary, but so exciting.   I am an east coaster born and raised in Virginia who made the big move to the West coast  in 2008.  The fall of 2010 took me on my first trip to Asia for a 10 week business trip to South Korea.  I immediately fell in love with the country and culture and on my second day volunteered to move if they needed me.  Two years later, after 4 years in the beautiful Pacific NW I packed up, moved out of my apartment in Seattle, said goodbye to friends, family, and my dog and officially moved to Seoul, South Korea.

I am loving Korea, experiencing new things, meeting new people, and traveling around Asia when I can.   This blog is for family, friends, and whoever else might be interested about life in Korea as an expat.  In October of 2013, I was able to bring my sweet little dog to live with me, so I hope to share some more dog-related adventures as well.

I don’t really bother with spell-check or grammar checks so I apologize now for my typos.  My thoughts are usually coming quickly so while my little typing fingers are trying to keep up I’m bound to hit a few wrong keys.

Hope you enjoy reading my quirky, silly, strange and most certainly random posts.  Leave comments, I like to know someone is actually reading.

Kamsehamnida! (Thank you!)

5 thoughts on “About

  1. ha! nice try, but the BIG move is still very much up in the air….like i said, i’m not quite ready to give up my fall saturdays in blacksburg. 🙂


  2. Maria,

    You may not remember me, however we were both coxswains on VT Crew way back in the day. I stumbled across your blog and was surprised to see that another Hokie was out here in the PNW. My husband and I are here because of the Navy and have almost been here a year, here as in Oak Harbor (about 2 hours north then south from you). I see you are doing some pretty exciting work in Seattle! Well if you don’t remember me, that’s okay, just wanted to say hello!

    Megan Stolle (it was Francis)


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