Dreamer not a Doer

When people ask me, “What is your dream job?” I normally don’t have to think too hard before answering, “blogger”, which is ironic, since I haven’t posted on this blog in almost a year!  Obviously, I am too lazy to follow my dreams, but on the bright side I’m definitely lazy enough to dream a lot! *wink*wink.   Seriously though, if I had some concrete motivation and a little more ambition I would love to start a blog that could take off, eventually make me money, just enough that I could live on a beach in Bali and just blog the days away in the sunshine.   Who doesn’t have that dream?   I always have these great ideas for blogs and great ideas for posts, but never take the time to sit down and make them happen.  Can I hire a TaskRabbit to do the work for me?  (hit that link, if they service your area your life will be forever changed, I swear.

To all 5 of my loyal readers…if I haven’t lost you in my year-long absence, what do you want to hear about?  Korea? Rambling of my life? travel?   Give me some motivation to get back to my blogging dream.  Happy Monday!!

3 thoughts on “Dreamer not a Doer

  1. Hey! Yeah, you might think I would empathize with you, but some people are not allowed to be doers. The sacrifices people make, the things in the world you cannot control? Some people simply need more time before they can act on their dreams. Others dreams become someone elses job. 😦

    Sad part is its this that truly makes you appreciate America. It boils down to owning your own destiny. That’s the dream.


    1. Yeah, I empathize with you. People assume just because I’m living overseas and post pictures of traveling that my life must be awesome and carefree…social media is deceiving for sure.


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