Bad Neighbors

I’m beginning to think I am cursed with bad neighbors. I have lived in 6 apartments since graduating college and at least 3 of them have shared walls with bad neighbors; 4 if you count freight trains as neighbors. What was I thinking with that one!?! In less than two weeks I’ll pack up, or better yet a couple of Korean men will pack up, and move from my apartment in Seoul that I’ve called home since September 2012. Ill be moving a mere 1 block away. (Note: if you have known me through any of my other intercity moves you know I generally like to relocate within a 10 block radius, yes I am weird). I’m looking forward to downsizing and being in an apartment with more modern finishes that suit me a bit better. Sure I won’t have an oven or a conventional clothes dryer, but hey, when in Korea live like the Koreans! Most of all though I’m looking forward to not living below a herd of elephants with what I am assuming is a crying baby, a screaming toddler, and a very yappy dog who apparently has no training. It’s like being on a flight from hell except you can’t land and get off the plane, it’s every day! If my trend of moving works out my next place should have better neighbors. My new apartment number is 711, that’s gotta be lucky for something right?

*If you’ve shared walls with me in the past 7 years and are reading this blog then chances are you weren’t a bad neighbor!

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