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Snow, Snow, Snow!

10 bonus points if you can sing the title and know what movie it comes from.

Today I woke up way too early on a Saturday and climbed in a cute little hatchback armed with roof racks and 3 awesome people for a little road trip to the ski slopes.

This was my first venture to the snowy slopes in Korea and maybe my last. I enjoy skiing; mainly for dressing the part; but will never try to oversell my abilities.

The bunny slopes are my home! This fact was proven to me as I wiped out on my first run on an intermediate slope since I was in middle school at good ‘ole “Mass o’ Nutten” in VA. Virginia is definitely not known for their skiing.

As I type this on my iPhone I’m lounging in the lodge food court with my battered knee, foot, and pride as my friends brave the freezing temps for some ultra cool night skiing.

Being the perpetual beginner skier that I am, I’m probably not the best judge of slope conditions, but I miss the shin deep powder on the slopes in Washington. The slick icey slopes camouflaged with a thin dusting of powder don’t seem like optimal conditions. Hoping to heel up quickly and try again, but maybe next season when the snow is fresh and plentiful.

I’ve been skiing on/off for 4 years now. Will I ever graduate from the beginner slopes. Maybe snow sports just aren’t my thing…is it boating season yet?

Besides the general conditions of the slopes I find it a little funny how the whole scene here is different. In WA the slopes are dominated by snowboarders and the over abundance of black and neutral toned ski clothing makes it virtually impossible to pick you your friends on the slopes. Korea seems to be the opposite as the slopes are highly skewed to skiers over boarders and the fashion here is bright bright colors and head to toe patterns. I thought my friend in the bright orange coat would stick out like a sore thumb but wrong! every 5th person was wearing the same color. Oh and the best is the matching couples and families. I saw an entire family of 4 in matching head to toe pink leopard print. Wish I got some pictures. Oh Korea, you never cease to surprise me.

Bad Neighbors

I’m beginning to think I am cursed with bad neighbors. I have lived in 6 apartments since graduating college and at least 3 of them have shared walls with bad neighbors; 4 if you count freight trains as neighbors. What was I thinking with that one!?! In less than two weeks I’ll pack up, or better yet a couple of Korean men will pack up, and move from my apartment in Seoul that I’ve called home since September 2012. Ill be moving a mere 1 block away. (Note: if you have known me through any of my other intercity moves you know I generally like to relocate within a 10 block radius, yes I am weird). I’m looking forward to downsizing and being in an apartment with more modern finishes that suit me a bit better. Sure I won’t have an oven or a conventional clothes dryer, but hey, when in Korea live like the Koreans! Most of all though I’m looking forward to not living below a herd of elephants with what I am assuming is a crying baby, a screaming toddler, and a very yappy dog who apparently has no training. It’s like being on a flight from hell except you can’t land and get off the plane, it’s every day! If my trend of moving works out my next place should have better neighbors. My new apartment number is 711, that’s gotta be lucky for something right?

*If you’ve shared walls with me in the past 7 years and are reading this blog then chances are you weren’t a bad neighbor!

But Baby it’s Cold Outside

BRRRRR!  When I moved to the PNW from Virginia in 2008 my body acclimated very quickly to the more mild climates.  A breezy 72 in the summer and anything below 40 degrees in the winter was cause for extreme winter gear.  Well, now that I’ve moved even farther west (or far east if you care to think the opposite direction) to Korea, my body is once again trying to acclimate to some extreme weather.  A few days ago; as I climbed into bed in flannel pajamas and fleece socks; I checked my weather app to confirm to me that the temperature was a blustery -8 degrees F with a windchill of -15!  So, all you east coasters who complained a few weeks ago about the windchill being in single digits..try walking home from the subway when the windchill is in negative double digits.  Today it was 25 degrees, but the sun made it feel like 32, and as I walked out of eMart (Korea’s version of Target) I didn’t even put my gloves on, or my hat because it felt “warm”.   I’m still not sure my body will ever kindly endure a -15 windchill, but I’m embracing the fleece hooded footie onesie I purchased for myself as a joke last fall as perfect lounge wear on these cold chilly evenings.  I still haven’t 100% figured out to maintain a temperature in my own apartment, but have learned layers is the best option.  Forecast for tomorrow, high of 29, low of 20 (real feel 24/17).  Snow on Tuesday.  Puxatawnee Phil may have decided spring is coming early in the U.S. of A, but I’m beginning to doubt his premonitions stretch to Korea.  Bundle up ex-pats, it’s cold outside!  Enjoy this video from my favorite movie, “Neptune’s Daughter”, it’ll keep you warm inside.


I’m rebranding!  Welcome back to the blog, with a new name, a new look, and coming from a new location.  As the new title points out, I’m in Korea, South not North.  The undeniable rhyme of my name with the country I now call home lends itself to such a great blog title that was 100% inspired by my favorite 4-year-old and BFF, Amelia.  Here she is singing Happy Birthday to me back in December where the title was born…

Isn’t she the best?  A big shout-out to Amelia, and her awesome parents Phill, Kristen, and her brother William (who made a cameo in the video) for inspiring this new “brand”.

More posts to come, but in the meantime, follow me on instagram for all things @mariainkorea.