I believe I can fly.

Break out the champagne, two posts in two days!  All 5 of my readers are spoiled rotten!!

First, I would like to start by letting everyone know an update. After a rough couple days Lane seems to have snapped out of her doggy-depression.  I think she realized her new BFF wasn’t coming back anytime soon.  Some motherly advice, “It’s for the best Lane, just move on, you’re too young to date!”  There is also a very tiny slight possibility that she was just sleeping for 2 days straight on the couch to recover from the craziness that was last weekend.  I may or may not have been doing the same thing.

Now back to the post at hand.  After writing about all my amazing friends who have shown my sofa some action this past year, I thought to thinking I needed to do a little “Oh the places I’ve been” post.  I must definitely believe I can fly cause I feel like sometimes that all I’ve been doing this year.  Starting in mid-January here is a short (or not so short) run-down of the places I’ve been this year.

  1. Arlington, VA
  2. Waikiki, HI
  3. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  4. Dallas, TX
  5. Clarksville, TN
  6. Virginia Beach, VA
  7. Washington, DC
  8. Palmdale, CA
  9. San Diego, CA
  10. Virginia Beach, VA

I’d say that’s not too shabby for eight months.  Monday I fly to Virginia Beach, VA once again.  I’ll be on the ground for a whole 24 hours before flying back.  Sometimes I think I must be crazy.  There is another trip in the works, a big trip, to top every trip this year, even the free two-week trip to Hawaii and the All-Inclusive “adult spring break” to Cabo, Mexico.  Details hopefully coming soon.


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