a 4-letter word

DoubleYou.Oh.Are.Kay…work, work work.   That’s all I’ve been doing recently.  Sure I’ve had times when work has been busy and I’ve worked late hours, etc, but the past month has just been insane.  I’ve worked overtime every week since the end of January, and over the past 3 weeks I’ve worked 7-days a week and even pulled two true all-nighters while averaging a whopping 3 hours of sleep ont he nights when I was lucky enough to sleep.  All I’ve longed for was a work day where my email was pinging every 20 seconds, where my phone wasn’t ringing every 5 mins, and where I knew that at 5pm I could shut down my laptop and relax.  Today was finally that day and all I could think was “I’m bored” and “I really wish I had more emails to respond to and my phone would ring”.  I’m afraid that my worse fear has finally come true…I have finally become a work-a-holic.  Longing to be busy and feel important by being so busy.  I was sooo bored today that I even organized my filing cabinet at the office and did some mega file archiving on my laptop. 

I should count my blessings though…next week may be boring, but April and May are looking to be crazy as ever…travel and more travel which comes with work work work and more work.   

Has anyone else been working like a mad-person lately or is it just me??

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