Daily Archives: 7 February 2012

6 of 25!

Back in December, www.thedailybeast.comranked the Best Cities to Find a Date in 2012, ranking the top 25.  Now, I feel the “top 25” is a bit misleading as they list cities separately that are a part of the same metropolitan area; for instance Alexandria, VA & Washington, DC or Seattle & Bellevue, Wa.   Atlanta topped the list, but looking through the other 24 I realized I’ve either lived/worked in 6 of the cities on the list…all of which I found it extremely hard to find dates in…hench why I’m still single in 2012!   Rounding out the top 25….

  • Seattle, WA
  • Bellevue, WA
  • Richmond, VA
  • Norfolk, VA
  • Alexandria, VA
  • Washington, DC

I also found it interesting that Lincoln, NE was #3…maybe because the people there are so freakin’ nice and there is nothing else to do that everyone just goes on dates all the time.

Belltown Badness?

This is an interesting video and look at Belltown, the very neighborhood I live in.   I oddly feel safe, even when walking my dog alone late at night.  I live about a block and half from where the NYE shooting took place, yet on my block it’s quiet and calm at 2am with nothing more than a few drunk people stumbling home.  It’s amazing what changes in a matter of blocks.