Leslie Knope 2012

If you aren’t a fan of Parks & Recreation (on NBC) then you shame on you!  Not only is the cast awesome and the story lines perpetually hilarious, but Ron Swanson might possibly be the best darn sitcom character currently on television.  Enough for my love of the show, I’m really writing this post because of this…

Yes that word cloud in the background is awesome…I’m thinking about making one as a piece of art for my apartment… but the real centerpiece is that sweater.  Yes, it’s a sweater with a skinny tie on it and yes I love and yes I want it.  I’ve been googling my heart’s content for an hour now and can’t find anything remotely close…but if Leslie Knope is wearing it, it must be available somewhere.  I must have it.

I realize as I lovely gaze at this masterpiece of a sweater that not only is is ironic, cool, and awesome, but it also let’s me make fun of the UVA peeps who wear ties to football games every time I wear it.  Double-bonus!   Someone find me this sweater… please!

3 thoughts on “Leslie Knope 2012

  1. Yeah…my wife is demanding this sweater for christmas. I need to pull this one off. Let me know if you find anything. I’m still looking.


  2. found your blog because i was looking for the sweater too – if you find it PLEASE shoot me the information or repost on your blog.


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