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My Favorite Things

Almost 2 years ago I wrote a post about my favorite things, which includes VT Football, Theo Chocolate, some fancy new lip gloss, , my rainbow flip flops, and the iPhone that I had yet to even get.  I figured it was high time for a update on some things that I’m loving lately and can’t seem to live without.  First let me say that I got that iPhone and I’m not going to list it in this post, but let me just say I LOVE it and it’s definitely something I can’t live without, which is sad, but true.

1.  CRUNKY!  This magical (and yes folks it’s truly magical) “ball chocolate” candy that I smuggled back from Korea is quite possibly the greatest 390 calories of sweets I’ve ever eaten.  Breakfast, lunch, or dinner…I would glady supplement any of all of these meals with a can of Crunky!  If only I could find a place here in Seattle that sells it, I’ll even settle for it in bar form at this point.  $100 reward to anyone in Seattle who can find a place that sells this, seriously, no joke.  Yes, it is impossible to type “Crunky!” without the exclamation point, it’s just that awesomely fabtastically magical.

2.  Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm.  This stuff, although not magical like Crunky!, is still pretty fabulous.  Like chapstick but with a hint of color, but good sheer color.  I rotate between the Pink Blossom and Rose tints, but might end up with every color if I don’t stay out of the Burt’s Bees aisle on my next Target trip.

3.  My apartment.  It’s been a while since I lived in an apartment that I truly loved.  I still miss my homey little townhouse style place in Alexandria, VA, but I must say, this apartment which I’ve been in for almost a year now is great.  How can you not love this view…

The roofdesk is fabulous, and I honestly just love it.  Good thing too since I already extended my lease for another year!  Sorry mover guys who I promised beer to if you saw me for a 4 year in a row, not gonna happen.

4.  Apple.  What can this company make that I don’t want to purchase?  I got my iphone, I got a MacBook Pro (which I love, love, love), I’m even jonesing for an iPad even though it does the same exact things that my iPhone and MacBook can do, but I still want one, I must have one!  Even their support products have won me over.  At the Army Exchange in Korea I finally bit the bullet and bought an Airport Express and this little bad boy hasn’t let me down yet.  Used it to have wireless in my hotel room in Korea and now loving that I can be anywhere in range, hit play on my itunes or my iphone and music plays through the big speakers.  Seriously Apple…make a product that I won’t buy & love, I dare you!

5.  Norehbang – better known as “Korean-Style” Karaoke.  I am completely obsessed with this type of private-room karaoke where you can literally sing the entire time you’re there.  I mean, sure I’ll head to a regular karaoke bar, but then I hang out for hours and hours just waiting and hoping to sing the one song I was able to submit into the see of others.  Why would I do that when I can go into a private room with friends and sing for hours on end with no interruption?  There is no reason, exactly!  This past Friday I found out there is a Norehbang right here in Seattle!  Thank goodness it’s a cab ride away and not walkable otherwise I’m fairly certain I would just move in, but if you’re wondering where I am on any given night, chance are pretty good you’re gonna find me here. (they call it Japanese-style, but we all know it’s the same thing).

So there you have it…my list of must haves recently.  Of course like last time I could go on and on for days, talking about things like Chipotle, my Kindle, Ferry Rides, the fact that a Potbelly Sandwich Works just opened up in Seattle, but I’ll leave you without all those details.   But once again… let’s bask in the best thing in my life as always…..cutest little dog ever!

Oh! The Places I’ve Been

Well, looks like I missed June-uary and only caught a glimpse of July-uary before summer finally decided to make it’s way to Seattle.  I couldn’t have timed my return from Korea any better.   The sun has been shining, the breeze has been blowing, and the roof deck has been getting used frequently.  It’s good to live in Seattle in the summertime.  With that said, the coming months are beginning to stack up to lots of travelling, just like most Falls for me, and I’ve finally decided that I really like to travel.

Sure, who doesn’t love to be in the comfort of their own home, but after a couple weeks I’m ready to hop back on a plane and explore someplace new, if only I could take Lane with me then it would be perfect.  I mentioned to a co-worker today that I’d love to live the lifestyle like George Clooney‘s character in the movie Up In The Air (On a side note: Who doesn’t want to be like George Clooney in any movie, or real life?  That guy is awesome.  If I were a dude I’d want to be just like him).  Then I thought, maybe one month on, one month off.  Yes, that would be perfect.  Travel all over for 1 month, then get to spend a whole month at home, then travel again.  I’d be happy with that and I think it would satisfy my ADD-“I’m bored every other day”-personality.

Over the past 12 months I’ve done a reasonable amount of travelling.  I know plenty of people who travel more than I do, but I know people who travel less, so I’d say I have a good balance.  Places I’ve been over the past 12 months…

  • Knoxville, TN for a week long business trip.
  • Washington, DC for some family time and of course Hokie Football!
  • El Paso, TX for another week long business trip.
  • San Francisco, CA: for a girls weekend.
  • Sacramento, CA to work for a week in our office there.
  • Virginia Beach, VA a quick trip to drop the dog off before heading on the next trip, and included a little side trip to Blacksburg, VA for some VT football of course.
  • Seoul/Pyeongtaek, South Korea!  Yeah, this was my first time in Asia and if it isn’t evident by the numerous previous blog posts I totally fell in love with Korea.
  • Virginia Beach, VA gotta head home for the Holidays
  • Virginia Beach, VA again…a mere 22 hours on the ground to drop my dog off before supposedly heading back to Korea.
  • Virginia Beach, VA again…Korea trip got cancelled, but the dog was in VA so I spent 2 weeks living and working from my parents house, it was relaxing and stifling at the same time.  I love my parents but have no desire to live at home ever again.  This also included a little side trip up to Arlington, VA for one night, but totally worth it.
  • Phoenix, AZ for what I wish I could say this was a pleasure trip, but it wasn’t.  (I miss you Grandpa.)
  • San Ramon, CA for another business trip, just 4 days.
  • Napa Valley, CA since I was already in San Ramon, convincing the sister to come down and meet me for a fabulous weekend of drinking wine in Napa wasn’t really that hard.
  • Seoul/Pyeongtaek, South Korea got to go back to Korea I went for another 8 weeks.  Squeezed in a little side trip to Jeju Island over the 4th of July weekend.
…and now it’s August again, and the year starts over.  I may be 28 and have out of college for 6+ years but is it really that strange that my years still seem to start around Labor Day?  The summer just seems like an ending, and then when the Fall rolls in, and the leaves change (or in Seattle, the rain just starts) and college football becomes my main reason for living it just seems like a new beginning of a fresh year.  So yes, I know that January is the beginning of the calendar year, and October is the beginning of the fiscal year, but for me September and college football will always be the beginning of my year.  We’ll just call it the Maria Year
Sorry…I lost track of the subject…so back to travelling…so I made 13 round trip flights, 1 one-way flight, and 4 round trip drives that included over night stays.  I’d say that was a descent year.  Wonder if I can top for 2011-2012…..on the docket for the next month..Atlanta, GA; Washington, DC; Blacksburg, VA; somewhere in TX….let the airline miles rack up!