A little piece of my Seoul….

Well folks, I’m back…back home in Seattle.  It’s been a rough 1st week home, and I will admit that for the first time in two trips to Korea and back I was finally be crippled by the jet lag.  I’ve been sleeping so much at night, during the day, whenever my eyelids start to get heavy I just give in and sleep.  Definitely need a sleep overdose intervention.

Last fall when my 2 month stint in Korea finally ended I couldn’t wait to get back to the good ol’ U S of A.  I think mostly in part because I had already gotten home sick during the Thanksgiving holiday and with Christmas being only 2 days away I was craving for some major family time.  This time leaving Seoul was less sweet and more bitter.  One week home and I’m already itchin’ to hop a plane and head back, heck after one day home I was ready to go back.   I am now home and Korea-sick.  My immediate reaction has been “Well it’s been nice to be in Seattle and visit, but now I’m bored and ready to go home”, but then I think, “Oh wait, this is home…”.

I’ve been getting asked the same question over and over the past week; “Why do you love Korea so much?”; and honestly it’s hard to pinpoint one or two things that I love about Korea, my initial response is always, “It’s just different…”.  Sure that may be a cop out answer, but honestly that’s what I feel.  I think I have city/living space ADD.  Seriously, I move apartments almost yearly like it’s my job, and over the past 10 years since college I’ve migrated between cities every few years.  I love Seattle, and I could definitely see myself here for a long time, but perhaps spending a year working abroad is just what I need.   I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all the whispers about me relocating to Korea for a year come true.  It’s so hard to not start making plans and not get my hopes up, but I’m trying to keep my head on my shoulders.  I know from what I’ve been through the past 6-8 months that nothing with this Korea work is ever set in stone.  So until I see something in writing I’m just trying to get back into my Seattle grove, without feeling like I’m back in a rut, and trying to just enjoy time in this fabulous weather with my friends and Lane.  I’m sad and missing Korea, but when it’s 75 degrees, sunny, and not humid in Seattle and it’s been monsooning in Korea for weeks now it’s hard not to feel like I’m having a nice vacation at home.

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