Daily Archives: 13 July 2011

Sickness Induced Stupidity

Being sick is not fun.  Being sick away from home is really not fun.  Being sick in a foreign country on a business trip when you can’t really call in sick to work is really really not fun.  I will admit though it’s better to be sick 2 weeks before leaving South Korea than being sick on the 10 hour flight home, did that last year, that was really really really not fun.

I’ve got a cold, stuffed up, congested, coughing, sore throat, runny nose.  All that jazz, yep that’s been my life the past couple of days.  When my alarm goes off at 6:10 AM all I want to do is turn it off, climb back in bed and call in sick to work, but with deadlines quickly approaching it’s not really an option.   If only Lane was around to cuddle up to me and keep my feet warm while my fever rises.