I <3 Korea.

Have I mentioned that I love South Korea?!?!  Well, I do.  As I sit back in my depressing room at the lodgy; which many of us have begun to refer to as prison, concentration camp, hell, etc…you get the picture; I’m reminiscing over pictures from my trip here last fall and uploading pictures from the past few weeks.  Let’s just say that besides the drastic weather change, and a new hair cut that things haven’t changed much.  My pictures are still a great blend of scenery and history of this great country mixed in with pictures of food, soju drunk friends and lots and lots of dancing!  Oh goodness, I think I could live in Korea solely for the dancing and norehbang (karaoke)!!   I may not be the best singer, but lord knows I will pick up a mic and belt at a tune at any given opportunity.  I just feel sorry for my friends & co-workers that I’ve been subjecting to my vocal stylings.

In the interest of time, and because for once I’m actually at a loss for more words… Yes, I’m sure you don’t believe that last sentence, but honestly my mind is just dead this evening…I’m just gonna fill the rest of this post with some pictures from the past couple weeks.  This should sum up my time so far…

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