Far East Movement

Like a G6! Like a G6!   Nope, I’m not joining the awesome hip hop group that sings such classics as Like a G6, Rocketeer, & Go Ape (yes, that is a name of one of their tracks).  I have however made some movement to the far east.  I’m in Korea (again)!   Get it?? Far East Movement…going to Korea…therefore I’m made “movement to the far east”.  Hahahaha, I’m so punny!!!

After my return trip in February got cancelled last minute, and months and months passed I wasn’t sure I’d ever see my sweet sweet Seoul again, but low and behold, I’m here!  It’s strange that as the bus rambled its way through streets of Seoul and I peered out the windows trying to stay awake for just a few more minutes, that it felt like a homecoming.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Seattle, but there is just something about Korea that makes me feel like I belong, and no it’s not the short people.  Actually the average height here is pretty comparible to the US, I am still the shortest person everywhere I go.

Anyway, I’m completely and utterly excited to be in Korea again and to have a few extra days staying in Seoul before easing back into Army Base life (not looking forward to that!).   I feel at ease navigating the subway, ordering bulgogi, and drinking soju like it’s my job.  And don’t worry I’ll be posting pictures and stories of my antics over the next 6 weeks for all to enjoy.

Thank you Korea for welcoming me back, now let’s PATRY LIKE IT’S 1999! Some people are still dressing like that anyway…

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