Staying in…

Have you ever had a weekend where you ignored friends and all the events going on around you and just stayed home?  That’s what I did this weekend, and it was so nice.  It’s amazing how productive you can be when you ignore text messages, sign off chat, & turn off the TV.  Saturday I woke up early, mostly because the sun starts rising at 5;30am now making it hard to sleep in.  I fought the urge to turn on the TV and veg on the couch and instead cranked up some music and go to work.  I cleaned the week old pile of dishes in the kitchen, did the laundry that had been piling up for weeks and weeks, changed linens on the bed, even washed all the pillow covers & blankets from the couch.  Cleaned out my closet, purged 4 pairs of shoes (this is a HUGE accomplishment for me), and picked out paint colors; because I’m determined to get my apartment painted sometime this summer.  Saturday night came and went, I cooked dinner, read a magazine, and was in bed with a book by 11:45pm, and asleep by 12:30.   Today I got up at a decent time again.  It’s amazing how long a day is when you are out of bed before noon.  Although I did watch a little TV this morning (had to catch up on SNL) I managed to still be productive and do something that I’ve been saying I was going to do since January!  I finally cleaned out my storage unit.  I filled two big boxes for goodwill and reorganized so that an avalanche doesn’t occur every time I open the door.  Even painting my nails this evening put a smile on my face at how productive I was this weekend.   Sure I spent my entire weekend at home, only leaving the house to walk the dog, but I’m so proud and content on all the things I accomplished.  Sure there’s still a ton of things on my ever growing to-do list, but babysteps.  Next weekend I’ll be back to my partying ways…hope the suns decides to join me!

2 thoughts on “Staying in…

  1. Sometimes it’s just nice to stop and let the world spin around with all the craziness and you just take a break. either that or the mess finally just drove you to the brink of craziness…..


    1. I agree with your first point, but unfortunately your second point is more on target…you know how my messes get out of control!


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