Television Reality?

I’m sitting on the couch tonight watching Grey’s Anatomy, which marks the start of McDreamy’s Alzheimer’s study.  As the show opened with him inserting a “placebo” drug into a test patient, I couldn’t help but get hopeful to the study that was going on and results that could come.  Then the first commercial break broke into my dreams and I crashed back down to earth realizing that unfortunately this is NOT reality television.   It makes you wonder though, if they can create a study on a well-known television drama, what kinds of studies are they doing in the real world.   Is there a real life McDreamy, or even McUgly?  I don’t care what he/she looks like as long as they are a world class neuro-surgeon who is working tirelessly to find a cure for Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is a subject close to my heart, as my beloved grandmother, whom we all lovingly call “Baba” was diagnosed what seems like a lifetime ago.  As the years passed and her normal bubbly character turned to a person I recognize but barely know, it became hauntingly real to see how the disease truly effects people.   I know that my family is prone to the disease, and as I watch my Grandfather, Bobo, struggle with loving his wife of 55 years who’s already gone it breaks my heart, and I can’t help but fear that someday someone else in our giant family of 33 will become another victim of this horrible disease.

For Christmas this past year, instead of exchanging gifts the cousins put together a tribute book for our grandparents and made this amazing tribute page on where we all donated money to the fight to find a cure.   Oh McDreamy…I hope you’re study finds a cure.  It may be fictional TV, but it gives me hope that in real life one day a cure will be found.

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