What the Pho?

So,  people in Seattle swear by this Vietnamese soup/noodle dish called Pho (pronounced “fuh”).  I never saw the big draw, especially since I’m not really a big soup eater.   Last September I was on a business trip to El Paso, TX and my co-workers were all obsessed with this Pho place there, so I went along.  It was disgusting, I did not like it one bit.

I got reprimanded by my Seattle friends for using El Paso Pho as my taste test, so I vowed I’d come back to Seattle and try it.  A month later I was in Korea, blah blah blah, so I never did try Pho in Seattle.  That is until today!

A friend of mine is visiting and really wanted some Pho for lunch, so I figured “sure, if it sucks I’ll just go to the market and get some mac & cheese”.  Ok, all you Pho lovers…I admit, it was fabulous!  That crap in El Paso has nothing on Pho here.  It’s only been and hour since I ate it and I’m already craving more.  Ok, I get the draw now…anyone want to get some Pho next week???


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