Chicken Soup for the Seoul

Like that little pun I used?  I think the hardest part about blogging for me is trying to come up with a witty title.

As you can tell from my title there are visions of Korea dancing in my head.  Fresh korean BBQ, Soju, Clubs, subway rides, shopping and more pineapple hand cream (yeah the stuf is addicting).   I leave February 10th for next adventure on the peninsula and I couldn’t be more excited.  Not only is my new co-worker korea BFF on the project team, but this time we get to stay in Seoul, not 35 miles south in the middle of no where on an army base.   We’re only scheduled to be there for 1 month, which could end up being 3-4 months…or so I’ve heard.

I’m already in the can’t relax, over-planning stages.  I can’t sleep at night as my mind races about all the things I need to do before heading overseas,  all the clothes and shoes I want to pack, the giant suitcase I need to buy to fit all the things I want to pack, and the patry times I’ll have in Korea.  Oh man, the Patry times are going to be Ridiculous!!!!   Yes, I’m going there on a business trip, but there’s definitely no harm in mixing business with pleasure.

I plan to eat more live octopus, drink more soju, buy more colorful crazy glasses, buy more shoes, and dance till 5am at the clubs!  Oh my goodness…I want to go pack right now!!

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