Well,  I had a guest blogger think of a title for this post.  I’d like to say a big thank you to Lane for stretching her paw onto my keyboard before I started typing.  Thank you Lane for your contributions to the blog title.

A friend of mine messaged me complaining that I had been neglecting my blog and therefore she had nothing to do at work.  Well, I wouldn’t want people to actually have to do work at work, so this blog post is for her.   I admit I do neglect the blog sometimes, I go through spurts.  It’s not that I don’t want to write posts, but that my great ideas for posts always come to me when in bed, in the shower, in the car, or way too involved in a Netflix marathon to actually get anything typed and posted.   Besides the normal resolutions of losing weight, limited my curse words, cutting back on the alcohol, blah blah blah, I think I’m going to throw “blog more” into the mix.

At the very top of my resolution list is to win a game of “Words With Friends”.  Seriously!  Anyone with an iphone knows this totally addicting game of knock-off scrabble.   I was really into when I first got my iphone last year, then I just lost interest,  but I go reintroduced to it when a co-worker of mine in Korea (he’s from California, but lives in Korea now) asked me if I played.  Of course, I immediately jumped at the challenge.  I think very highly of myself when it comes to games and I’ll admit I’m a poor loser.  We’re 10 games in and I haven’t one a single one.  A SINGLE ONE!!  It’s ridiculous!  Even when I’m winning the entire game and we each have 5 letters left he somehow manages to pull a 60 point word from his ass thin air and win!

As I’m typing right now I have 3 letters left in game 10 and I’m up by 30 points!  I’m still waiting for my phone to beep and the message saying “……..beat you!”.  I don’t know how he does it,  I’ve even tried to cheat for a few games and I still can’t win.  I’ve resorted lately to just throwing a bunch of letters down and hitting “play” hoping that its accepted as a word.

Is it really too much to ask to just win one stupid game of scrabble, just one!!


and as I see the final word played by my korean nemesis and realize that he was 5 points behind me and left it wide open for me to play my final 3 tiles for 16 points and wint he game!   I send a nice little chat message saying “FINALLY I WIN I WIN I WIN I WIN!!”   Is it really wrong to gloat when he beat me 9 times in a row?

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