Kimchi Thanksgiving.

I’m home sick.  For the first time since leaving stateside on October 25th I am finally home sick.  Sure I’ve missed my dog like crazy, missed my bed when sleeping on what feels like a piece of plywood, even missed some of my clothes which I would’ve packed if I had room, but today for the first time I am truly home sick.  Happy Thanksgiving!

2009 was the first time in my life that I had not been sitting around a table with some part of my family eating Thanksgiving dinner.  It was hard for me, but luckily I spent the glutenous holiday with my sister & brother-in-law, quasi-cousins, and friends, so it was still festive.  If you can call eating cheese & crackers, and drinking way too much wine festive.   It was difficult not being home, but this year, being in a foreign country, in a crammed hotel room, and with no turkey or family in site is kind of depressing.  Sure, I volunteered to be here over the Thanksgiving Holiday, but I was hoping that deep down it would still feel like Thanksgiving to me.  It doesn’t.

Christmas music is playing on my pandora,  I’m singing along, but it still doesn’t feel right.   Sure there is a christmas tree lit inthe Army Food court on base, and Christmas music and decorations have been prevelent in Korea since the day after halloween, but it still doesn’t feel like the true holiday season.

I’m doing laundry on Thanksgiving morning.  This afternoon myself and some co-workers will head to another Korean town/city to do some shopping, and then tonight a few of us will go out to dinner.  Probably Korean BBQ.  I’m not even sure if they serve turkey in Korean, unless you’re at an American restaurant.

The turkey I can do without, the mashed potatoes can be eaten anytime, but the idea of being with family today is lost.  I like my co-workers, they are great people, and sure we’ve become a little makeshift family while here, but it’s just not the same.  I want to wake up in my bed with Lane snuggled close to my chest.  I want to listen to christmas music while hearing family talk about when it’s time to eat, ignoring my dad’s pleas to watch the macy’s thanksgiving day parade with him, and then pass out on the floor after stuffing myself silly while watching a football game that I don’t care about.

I’m hoping that if I play enough Christmas music it’ll eventually start to feel like the holiday season.  I’ll eventually get that christmas spirit, otherwise when I arrive back in the states on Dec 18 or maybe even later it’ll be quite possibly the shortest holiday season ever.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!  I miss you guys, and hope you eat lots and lots of turkey for me!

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