back to basics….

I’ve offically been in Korea for 1 week!  I’m loving it here.  In fact I’ve already volunteered to move here for 1 year if the project needed me to (granted I get the tax break, and only if I can bring Lane with me).   Originally we were staying in Seoul for only 1 or 2 nights before moving about 35 miles southeast to the booming metropolis of USAG Camp Humphreys.  Luckily we weaseled our way into staying in Seoul through the weekend, but the swanky JW Marriott accomodations, attractions, and just clear proximity to civilization made it really hard to come south and check into the circa 1990 Army Lodge.

Despite being literally stuck on base and only near the less thrilling city of Pyeongtaek we’re making the most of it.  One of the guys is doing an awesome job planning out weekend trips and sites to visit for us.  We all refuse to just sit around on base when not working.   Unfortunately our plans to fly to Japan over the Thanksgiving Holiday seem to have been derailed by the $500 plane ticket price tags, but we’ll still be traveling all over the South Korean country side and spending a couple more weekends partying hanging out in Seoul.

I am trying to pick up some of the Korean language and so far I have the 4 basics for getting by…

  • An-nyeong-ha-se-yo, which means “hello“.
  • Kam-sa-ham-ni-da, which means “thank you“.
  • mul chu-se-yo, which means “water please“.

and the most important….

  • maek-jju ma-shi-go shi-p’eo-yo, which means “I want to drink beer“.

I’ll work on “where is the bathroom?” later.

Once I remember to borrow someone else’s camera cord I’ll post some pictures from the awesome palace we visited last Saturday, and some video of the amazing ziplining course we did on Sunday in the Mountains!

I seriously think I’m ready to move here….off to eat more Korean food….


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