Observations from 35000 feet…

A few things I’ve observed just from my particular flight so far (granted only 4 hours into a 12 hour flight)

  1. The seats are not rocking chairs, but the mother with the screaming child in front of me is determined to turn hers into one.  The shaking chair is annoying, but the alternate is a screaming baby.
  2. The crazy American businessman next to me was trying to talk on his phone during take off, and then proceeded to offer me $200 cash for my laptop charger, apparently he left his at home.  Umm, ok crazy!
  3. There are no personal air vents, and it’s very warm, and the one half of my neck and face that is extremely sunburned (thanks to beautiful Blacksburg, VA weather this past Saturday) is not helping in the cooling department.
  4. It’s 6pm PST and the shades have been put down and the lights turned off.  Is that a clue that I should sleep now to avoid major jet-lag?
  5. Only row I can see on the plane with an empty middle seat…score 1 for me.
  6. Wearing leggings and stretchy cotton dress was the best idea I’ve had in a long time.  This may be my official travel attire from now on.
  7. Why does business class get power outlets, but we don’t?  Are we all suppose to have magic laptops & ipods with infinite battery lives?
  8. I rented a movie on itunes to watch on the plane.  Synced my ipod 3 times last night, double-checked, yet once I boarded the plane the movie is no where to be found.  Crappy iTunes.
  9. I have a TV screen in front of me, but apparently it only shows movies and they only play movies when they think people will be watching them.  When the lights went off, so did my movie.
  10. My laptop is now generating more heat to an already hot airplane and I’m starting to literally sweat.  To avoid smelling like the majority of the people on this plane I’m going to sign off now.
  11. Crazy laptop charger guy decided half way through the flight he wanted to be my best friend…called me “kid” and preceeded to hit me in the shoulder when making a point and routinely stared 8 inches below my chin while talking…even with my headphones in he conversed…finally resorted to faking sleep to get him to stop.


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