Airport Observations

This being my very first commercial* international flight there are a few things I have observed.

  1. Non-Americans apparently do not know proper airport ediquette.  Well heck, most Americans don’t either, but…
  • The ticket counter was packed full of families checking 10-20 bags for 4 people.  Tons of boxes taped and wrapped within an inch of their life, and some seeming to contain strange seafood or other items with giant picture labels on the outside, and no matter who you knock over with your 20+ luggage piece caravan, it was a mad house and I’m lucky I made it out alive.
  • Ticket agents may be working in Seattle, but if they are from a Korean based airline they are Korean and speak horribly poor English.  I really perfected my “huh? – I’m confused!” face, which I suspect to be using a lot over the coming months.
  • Boarding the plane was like wading through a mosh pit of angry senior citizens with dementia.  I had to harshly say excuse me, shove past 100+ people and run over at least a dozen toes just to get to the door.  All these people were in boarding group A or B when they had clearly only called group C in two different languages!
  1. Seoul apparently is a very big transfer hub.  Lots of people on my flight are going to New Delhi.  I’ll let you conclude where I’m going with that comment.
  2. Alcohol is free!  Even in coach.
  3. The tiny hot towel they give you at the beginning of the flight is for hands, but some people seemed to be using theirs’ for a – what I suspect to be once monthly – bath.
  4. If you ask to upgrade to Business Class at the ticket counter – no matter the great cost – only to be told it’s not available, the staff seems very sympathetic and are extremely nice and accommodating as if they know that I’m too good to be sitting in economy class with all these crazy families and screaming children.  Oh business class 35 rows in front of me…I miss you.  I did however apparently persuade the ticket agents to try their hardest to keep the middle seat next to me vacant and they waived my overweight baggage fee, since apparently in Business Class it wasn’t too heavy.  Not only do they get bigger seats that fully recline, power outlets, and better food, but they can have heavier luggage too.  Not fair.

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