The Great Hokie Debate

Born and raised a Virginia Tech fan and being a proud Hokie Alum myself, I often get the question (as does anyone else affiliated with VT), “What is a Hokie?”.   Sure there is the big joke that a Hokie is a castrated Turkey, and over the past couple years people have begun to answer “I am”, but the true meaning of Hokie is the spirit of Virginia Tech.   The debate is so big that it got a good 3+ minutes on the Today Show this morning since Hoda Kotb is a Virginia Tech Alum herself and even she was not sure what a Hokie was.   I’m a little upset that the explanation didn’t come off very clear and that drunken Kathie Lee continued to apologize to the Hokiebird on national television for being castrated.   So Hoda apologized, but now I think Kathie Lee should….

watch the clip here…

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