and here we go…..

I don’t mind flying,  I do it often, but nothing beats an 8 hour travel day with a layover in bum-f*$@ Milwaukee when you know that your final destination is a Hokie Football game.   I’ll travel far and wide to see my Hokies play.  I’ll schedule my cross country move directly around a stop in Nebraska (best decision ever) and I’ll take the red-eye 3000 miles, get 30 minutes of sleep, then hop directly in a car for a 5 hour drive just to see a Thursday night game….been there, done that!

As I sit in my tiny coach seat, staring enviously at the passengers in First class a mere 2 rows in front of me, I can’t help but smile as I think about what waits for me when I land in Washington, DC tonight.   Yes, lots of friends and family, and an extremely awesome cousin who’s letting me crash in her new apartment for the weekend (saving me hundreds of $$$ on an over-priced Arlington hotel room, thanks Jessica!), but most importantly, at 8pm EST on Monday night…HOKIE FOOTBALL!!

Sure we’re wearing some hideously ugly black & orange halloween advertisments passing as jerseys and sure we’re playing some smurf team from boise state, which according to my 8th grade social studies class is NOT a state, but at this point we could be wearing hot pink unis and be playing ODU on a high school field and I’d still be excited.

There is something about packing a suitcase full of maroon and orange, and smiling hugely at any stranger willing to give you an approving head nod for your Hokie attire, that just makes everything else fade away.  Sure, I moved last week and my apartment is still a disaster area of unpacked boxes.  Sure, I’m fairly certain I left an empty pizza box on my counter for the ants to devour while I’m away, but it’s ok because it’s officially college football season and with T-minus 3 days and some change I’ll be bouncing up and down to Enter Sandman, and screaming my lungs out as the 2010 Hokie Football team takes the field.

In the words of Jessie Spano (minus the caffeine pill addiction)… “I’M SO EXCITED!  I’M SO EXCITED!!!!”  I’d dance in the aisles, ala Saved By The Bell, but I don’t want to accidentally bump and wake the peaceful sleeping baby across from me.  Although even a screaming baby on the flight couldn’t upset me today…*knock on wood*….wait there’s no wood on this airplane!  Cue baby crying in 3….2….1…..



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