Seattle Hempfest

As the name suggest, Hempfest is…

the largest annual protest festival in the world. With 5 stages, hundreds of vendors and activist booths, 1,000 volunteers and 100 year-round coordinators, Hempfest is spreading the message of drug policy reform to attendees of all ages.

Basically it’s a marijuana festival in a public park right in the heart of Seattle.  Leave it to Seattle to have a legal pot smoking festival.   I myself did have not attended Hempfest in the 2 summers that I have lived in Seattle, for a large part because I always seem to be packing to move when it’s happening, and a few other reasons which I shouldn’t have to explain.  Even though I’ve never attended, it’s not hard to realize things about hempfest just by being in the city while it’s going on.

Things I’ve learned about Hempfest, from an outside view…

  1. The smell of marijuana travels far and has great staying power.  I live about 6 blocks from the festival grounds and this weekend has been “aromatic” to say the least.  Although, to be honest the smell is somewhat floating around Seattle on a permanent basis.
  2. The smartest business people are the ones who set up Nacho carts and hot dog carts a few blocks from hempfest.  Go to hempfest, start to walk home, 2 blocks later totally crave nachos and poof!…there is a nacho cart.  Genius!
  3. Where are the parents?  Flocks and flocks of people walk the sidewalks towards hempfest, and way too many of those people are definitely under the age of 18.  Why are they going to a “promote drug use” festival?
  4. Traffic sucks!!  One Belltown blogger illustrated it best in his post, What happens when 300,000 stoned people all leave Belltown at once?
  5. With the hempfest comes great public service announcements like this
  6. Never under estimate the comedic value of ease dropping on hempfest attendee’s conversations while out walking the dog. At least pot is good for a laugh.

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