Daily Archives: 4 August 2010

New Obsessions

Everyone once in a while there is a tv series, song, or book that just grabs you.  Well, I’ve had a few obsessions lately…

  • The Deadliest Catch – I know, I’m like 5 years late to jump on the band wagon for this one, especially after living in Seattle (home of my favorite boat, the Northwestern) for 2 years, but on Memorial Day weekend there was a marathon and although I was bar hopping all day/night every bar I went into had it playing and I found myself sitting at the bar, ignoring my friends and just watching in awe at the Alaska crab fishermen.  Of course I found the series on netflix, instant netflix to boot and after a few weeks of catching up on Mad Men I finally started watching.  I’ve been divulging myself for  3 days straight (gone through 3 seasons!) and now I’m starting to dream about crab, fishermen, and 30 foot swells on the Bering Sea.  Not to mention some strange dreams about deckboss Edgar Hansen…too bad he’s married.
  • Jar of Hearts, by Christina Perri – She was a completely unknown little artist until her song was featured on SYTYCD in this awesome contemporary piece.  I immediately downloaded the song and have listening to it numerous times a day since.  Not only is the song just beautiful, but the lyrics totally speak to my life a few years ago.  Although I don’t have reason to relate to the lyrics now, it’s still pulls at my heart strings.   Listen to it…what do you think?