A family classic…

This morning as I scrolled through the 15+ items in my Google reader (I may or may not subscribe to a few too many blogs), I came across this little gem that my cousin Ruthie posted.   I have never heard of Mayer Hawthorne, but it wasn’t just the kitschy pool party video that had me smiling, it was really the mention of Neptune’s Daughter that tugged on my heart strings.  Watch the trailer below, then go to iTunes and buy the movie.  It’ll change your life, I swear!


This famed Esther Williams saga of lust, love, humor, and bathing suits is the perfect chicken soup for the soul.   As a kid every time we ventured to my Puerto Rican grandparents house; whether it was just my immediate family of 4 or the whole lot of 9 Puerto Rican cousins, 6 aunts & uncles, and various family friends; you could be sure that sometime during the visit Neptune’s Daughter would end up in the VCR and everyone would slowly but surely settle in front of the TV and watch.  Most times myself, Ruthie, and our cousin Becca would sing along while recreating the dance moves in the living room.  We were a wild bunch!   Looking back at my wonderful childhood, I would say that no matter what was happening in life this movie always made me smile.

As recently as May, when the clouds and rain sat over Seattle and I found myself in a ho-hum mood I embarked on a quest to find Neptune’s Daughter.  I added it to my Netflix list and moved it to top.  I watched the movie no less than 4 times before dropping it back in the mail.  Then I scoured the internet to find the DVD, but could only find it sold in a box set.  No offense to Esther Williams (I love you!) but I am really only partial to Neptune’s Daughter, not all 6 of your bathing beauty movies.   Finally I checked iTunes and low and behold for a mere $9.99 I could download the entire movie.  Yes please!!

A few weeks later as I sat in the window seat of an over crowded 757 flying to VA for a wedding (Yes I get the pun for flying on a 757 to get to the 757), I pulled out my laptop and started playing Neptune’s Daughter.   I saw the strange sideways glance from the cute young guy sitting next me, probably thinking “what the heck is this little girl watching?”, but I watched with pride.   It took every ounce of self control to not break out in song and start making hand gestures for different instruments…”I love those men who go…”

In closing, Neptune’s Daughter is a classic.  I love this movie, and no matter what it always put a smile on my face.


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