oh summer nights!

Summer in Seattle had a bit of a false start and has been playing hide & seek for a few months, but now that it seems to finally have arrived it’s fantabulous!!   Nothing beats a crystal blue clear sky, temperatures topping at 75 with a breeze coming off the water, and no humidity!!   How I ever survived the 90+ degree and 100% humidity my entire life in VA is beyond me.   The summer weather here (when it decides to make an appearance) is just so perfect I can’t imagine ever living anywhere else.

Last night a few friends came over and we grilled burgers up on the roofdeck while the dogs frolliced around.   As the sun set and the temperatures dropped to merely require a light sweater I sat back, took a sip of my beer and thought, “I love Seattle!”.

In 30 minutes more friends will begin to arrive and we’ll all trek up to the roofdeck and fire up the grill, pop open some beers, uncork some wine, and have a fantabulous evening soaking up the sun, and enjoying company & fresh grilled seafood on the roof deck.   Life doesn’t get much better than this.

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