On the eve of welcoming more guests to Seattle, I’ve realized that I really really like playing “tourguide” in Seattle.   In a April my amazing cousin Becca ventured to this great city on her spring break (she’s an elementary school teacher), and although we spent the entire time dodging and weaving around the weather forecast, which was 99% wrong the entire time she was here, it was an awesome visit.

A week later, a friend, Caleb, who grew up with the bro-in-law, came into town for a visit.  We walked a lot when he was here, and I mean A LOT!  Got a mariner’s game in and even played hooky from work for a day trip to Vancouver, BC.  It was fun skipping work to go to a foreign country for the day.

Now it’s June and tomorrow morning my two awesome cousins Jessica & Kristen are making the almost 3000 mile flight to come visit this fantastic city I call home.   I couldn’t be more excited to ditch some work responsibilities and play tour guide once more.  We already have plans to do some touristy things that even I’ve never done.  Some trips to some scenic views, and some good old fashioned cousin bonding time.

3 cousins and 1 friend down…who will be next to visit Seattle?

3 thoughts on “Tourguide

  1. You need to put the Underground Tour on your list of things to do….since Kristen teaches history…she will love it. It’s a fun, quirky kind of thing to do….where else but in Seattle do they build a city on top of a city???


    1. Yep. It’s on our list, I’ve never done the tour, so it should be fun. Also, we’re going to visit the library, apparently they teach about Seattle’s library. 🙂


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