The Nice, The Mean & The Indifferent

I recently spent a weekend in Roanoke, VA, the heart of Southwest Virginia.   Although I come to Southwest Virginia often for Virginia Tech Football games, it is rare that I spend time just visiting Roanoke and hanging out around town.  My number 1 observation from the weekend was the nice people.  Yes, the extremely nice southern hospitality I received every where I went.   From the 60+ ladies at the department store, to the teenager taking my order at Chick-Fil-A, nothing but niceness!   This got me thinking.

I’ve lived in three places since leaving my parents house for good..   Southwest Virginia being my starting point, with some of the nicest people. Must be all the Hokie Spirit making people nice.  The only place with nicer people is Lincoln Nebraska, but they were almost freaky nice.

After college I moved to Northern Virginia.  This is where “The Mean” comes in.  Sure, there are nice people there, but those are people you are friends with.  The majority of the population is so self-involved that they don’t have time to be nice or cordial to perfect strangers.  People rarely say thank you, you’re welcome, or hold doors.  It really made me cynical about human nature.

When I finally escaped the grips of Washington DC I moved to Seattle, WA, my current home.   It’s very different here,  maybe it’s the west coast mentality or the grey skies that make people so different, but they aren’t extremely nice, or extremely mean, just indifferent.  Very passive-agressive, especially when it comes to driving, don’t even get me started on that!  I love Seattle, I plan to stay here for a long long while, even if the people aren’t totally nice, at least they just walk by and ignore you.  Total indifference.

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