Chop, Chop, Chop!

Corporate cuts are everywhere!   It seems the economy has been taking it’s toll on big corporations forever!   My company (which will remain nameless) recently decided that it will no longer provide mobile phone service to it’s employees.  Even high ranking VP’s, etc are losing their phones.   Being a crackberry user myself; this news was a huge blow to me.   I work from home basically 100% of my time, and with my current project being 3000 miles away on the east coast, I rely on my blackberry for a LOT of phone calls and email.   I received the first email about a month ago stating that basically, come May all wireless service would be discontinued, but that we would be provided options for continuing service at our own cost and even get a one time pay adjustment to offset the cost.

Yesterday I received my personal email about my Blackberry.  I have until May 18th to sign up for a personal plan to continue use of the device.   It is nice that I get to keep the physical blackberry for myself, and that I have the option to use any provider I like.   Heck, I can even use my own iPhone and still receive company email.   This raises a huge dilemma.   Do I keep my blackberry and pay for it out of my own pocket?  I’d say the answer to that is a BIG FAT NO!   The one time pay adjustment I am offered to offset the cost of the wireless phone/data service for one year is $1130.   After taxes this will be closer to $600, which won’t even cover service for 6 months!!  What a joke.

My other option is to take the “bonus” money and use it towards my current iphone, which I already pay the bill for, but in order to get the extra money I have to set up my corporate email to be pushed to my phone.   Do I really want my personal cellphone to become my work phone?  I have my blackberry set to turn off at 7pm and turn on at 7am.  I don’t dare check my email after hours (unless I’m working late on a deadline…).   Do I really want to mix business with pleasure on my cellphone bill?

I only have 550 minutes on my personal plan, and I rarely use more than 80/month, but the email I got says I average 725 minutes/month on my current corporate cell.   I’m not about to up my personal plan just so I can make corporate calls.   Will anyone notice if I just stop calling into the conference calls everyday?   Does this mean I’m going to have to start making the 1hr bus commute to the Eastside to sit in a dark windowless cubicle just so I can use the phone for free??    I feel like this cut is insane!

As mad as I am about the whole thing, I do have to humble myself by saying that I’ve been lucky to endure during these slow economic times.  I’ve faced no pay or hour cuts, and haven’t once been scared of being laid off.  I guess things could be worse than losing my corporate blackberry…but dang it, why can’t they just pay for my phone?!?

1 thought on “Chop, Chop, Chop!

  1. Hi Maria, Hope you’re using speakerphone on all of those conference calls and your crackberry addiction is treated.
    Just read a horrifying article about cell phone use and brain tumors, maybe corporate doesn’t want to face any law suits as more and more of us show up with disease related to radiation related illnesses.
    Your East Coast Neighbor, Tricia
    Miss ya girl! Take care and keep chopping away!


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