A leg up…

I get it, leggings are back in style.  In fact, I own two pairs of leggings.  I quite like my leggings and if paired with the right thing even my 4’11, stocky self can pull them off, but some people are not so lucky.   Everyone wants to be trendy, sure, but do it correctly! I have seen such bad legging outfits I’m beginning to think that each pair of leggings sold should come with an instruction booklet/style guide.   #1 rule of leggings….Unless you have the body of Gisele Bunchen you are not, I repeat…NOT! allowed to wear your leggings with nothing but a short fitted tank top/shirt.   If you weigh more than 100lbs, this is just unacceptable!

Correct things to wear with leggings include dresses, skirts, long tunics.  Something that covers your bum and that god-awful crotch area.  No one wants to see your camel-toe.  Sorry, I had to go there!    If your ass is roughly the size of a mac truck and has more cottage cheese than a Costco then it is NOT ok to wear your leggings out with a short shirt.  NOT ok!  Sure you may weigh 300lbs and your 125lb boyfriend thinks big women are beautiful, but keep it at home.  Some of us don’t want to see your gigantic behind bouncing down the street in broad daylight.

That concludes my rant for the day.   Please wear leggings responsibly.

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