move it, move it!

I’ve been harboring a bookmark on my computer for months now.   Couch to 5k is a program that claims to train any non-runner to be able to get through a 5K in 9 weeks.   I’ve been meaning to start this program.  I’ll go to bed at night, and think “tomorrow I will start” and set my alarm for 6am, but when the alarm goes off, I hit snooze and think “i’ll do it tomorrow”.   Have I ever mentioned I am a procrastinator??

Yesterday, as I read through the 20+ blogs I subscribe to, I saw a post by my cousin Nina, who writes an adorably humbling blog about her daily life accompanied by pictures of her two sweet daughters Sophia & Olivia.   She was starting the Couch to 5K program!   I swear there is a huge genetic gap in our family; we are made up of some physically fit soccer stars, runners, surfers, along with chubby overweight lazy bums!  Although I played field hockey in high school, danced for 13 years, and spent 3 years on the crew team in college, I am definitely on the “chubby overweight lazy bum” end of our family.   Nina is definitely more in shape than I am, even after having two kids, but I think she shares the same gene that makes the idea of running ultimately terrifying to me.

I was so happy to see Nina’s post, “From Couch Potato to…”, because it finally gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get my fat ass off the couch and get moving.   I found a great Iphone App that let’s you play your iPod and will prompt you when to run/walk each time to keep up with the program.  It seems to be a great app.

I did start on the wrong foot this morning as I ignored the program warnings to stretch and I haven’t done anything more than a brisk walk in months.  After about 15 minutes of walk/jog my shins felt like they were going to split in half!  It was so painful I had to stop and walk the rest of the way.   Man, I am soooo out of shape.  I can’t wait for my trainer to come back to work, I need her desperately to whip me back into shape.

Monday I’ll do another day of the program…and will remember to stretch next time….

5 thoughts on “move it, move it!

  1. Maria – I am excited for you! We can do it together across the country. I need this Iphone app because the timing feels really ridiculous. I just don’t have an Iphone…See if you can find someone to do it with too. It really is my only hope.


  2. The app is simply called “Couch to 5K”. It’s really great since it tells you when to stop and start running. They have a “Couch to 10K” app, but who am I kidding, 5K is good enough for me.

    I walked a 6K on Sunday, which gave me a huge blister on the bottom of my foot (guess its time for new running shoes) so I’ve had to skip a few days waiting for it to heel. I’m gonna start back on day one today..


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