really nbc? really?

NBC has been under fire since the Olympics started for not showing the events/sports LIVE.   Seriously, why can’t they show them live.  I am particularly upset about this since I live a mere 3 hours away from the venues in the same time zone, but yet I have to wait 5 hours after an event took place to see it on TV.  I’d be better off driving to Vancouver to see the results for myself rather than having to “look away from the screen as the music plays” so the local news can show the results of the day, which you, NBC, have yet to show me.

I admit, I get swept up in the Olympics, in watching the cool events, and I get excited when the USA wins any kind of medal, even if it’s Biathalon, which before this year I had no clue what the event was.   I was really excited to watch Lindsay Von ski, and Shawn White take to the half pipe after all the hype about Lindsay going for the gold even with an injury, and Shawn White unveiling some awesome new trick never before done by anyone!   I gritted my teeth and waited patiently for primetime to watch the events, but then made the cardinal mistake of looking on facebook ans seeing all the raves from my East Coast friends about how Shawn White was a snowboard god!  Well, damn, I guess I know who won!  I still watched the event and tried to convince myself I had no clue of the results, but when he won the gold, I wasn’t excited, because deep down I already knew the result.   Damn you NBC!!  What do I have to do? go on a media blackout each day until primetime, so I can listen to you pretend that you’re airing events live?  Seriously!

Today, as I work from home (like always!) I turned on the TV and see Ice Hockey, and it’s actually on NBC, not on CNBC or USA (why is curling on 24 hours a day on USA?, is there really a need for that much curling coverage?).   I didn’t know we had a hockey game today, so I’m excited to watch,  that is until I see a friends post on Facebook – sorry NBC, perhaps I need a daily reminder of my media blackout – that says “Tried to watch USA-Switzerland game but alas, Days of our Lives was on instead.  Story of the Olympics right there.  Thanks a lot, Bob Costas.” (thanks Micah!)

Well now, I’m pissed.  Days of our Lives was on a few hours ago,  was this game not live??  I go to the Olympic Webpage (spoiler alert!) and there I see it, the headline, “US scrambles to edge Swiss 2-0”.   Seriously?????  Ugh, I just wasted 15 minutes of my life watching the beginning of a game that I now already know the result of.  Why NBC, why are you doing this to me??   You realize you are losing me a viewer of the Olympics by doing this trickery.

In 2008, you aired the Summer Olympics and had no problem showing sports Live, I know this, because I was up at 3 and 4am to watch the one sport I really cared about, rowing.

ESPN has no problem airing games Live all over the country.  I know this for a fact since during college football season I am often at the bar int he early morning for a 9am PST showing of a 12pm EST kick-off.  Sure, I’d love to sleep in on a Saturday morning, but not if it means I watch a game that already happened, and probably already know the outcome of.  If I wanted to watch old games, I’d just DVR everything on ESPN and watch it whenever I felt like it.

Sorry NBC, but I’ve already changed the channel, since it’s not worth it to waste my time watching a Hockey game to which I already know the final score.  Besides, over on ESPNU they are showing a live game in 2mins, which is much more exciting.

4 thoughts on “really nbc? really?

  1. Thank you, Maria. This sums up my anger perfectly. Number of Olympic events that I’ve watched live in the past two weeks: zero. Number of William & Mary basketball games that I’ve been able to watch live: two. I can watch mediocre-at-best college basketball live before I can watch the best athletes in the world perform live.


  2. The Olympics suck, don’t waste your time. That pretty much sums up my thoughts perfectly. I don’t watch the Olympics for the same reason that I don’t watch the replay of some crappy basketball game on ESPNU at 2 AM when the highlights have been playing on SportsCenter all night. Oh yeah, that and the sports are boring as hell.

    There’s more defense in the NFL pro bowl than in Olympic hockey. I’d rather have a hydrochloric acid enema than be subjected to 60 minutes of Olympic hockey, let alone ice dancing. Please God. let this be over soon.


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