etsy much?

Have you ever looked on If not, go visit the site now.  It’s a great site where people can open their own “store” and sell items they make.   If you like one of kind items this site might make you drool.

Anyway, since I got my awesome new MacBook Pro I decided I would need a nice protective sleeve to keep my new toy safe and scratch free while totting it’s cute little self all around Seattle.  I looked at spending $40 on a plain black one they sell at the apple store, and I scoured amazon for a cheaper version of the generic neoprene sleeve that most people have, but then I got a great idea…look on ETSY.   I figured if people can make pillows, clothes, and totes, why not laptop sleeves.     Lo and behold i found a plethora of sleeves, some even made for the exact dimensions of a 13″ macbook pro.   I actually found so many that I was having a hard time deciding.  After a few days of looking around on Etsy I finally found one seller who had almost exactly what I wanted.

Look how cute these things are! (sorry for the small photos, courtesy of ESTY seller Lollington)

How freakin’ cute are those things!  The dinosaur is adorable, and that pink elephant, well he practically had me at hello, but then my mind started to run and I got a fantabulous idea for a custom.   Think two colors with the silhouette of an awesome animal on front.   I got an email back from the sell today telling me should be definitely make my custom.

By evidence of my blog post dedicated just to this, you can only imagine how excited I am!!   Oh, don’t worry, there will be pictures once it is made and in my hands!    All you Hokies, just start being jealous now, this thing is gonna be “fly like a white guy”!  or a puerto rican.

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