I tried, I really did.

I work from home most days.  It’s not something Jacobs;  the conservative firm I work for; supports or even allows most of the time, but I have quite possibly one of the best supervisors ever, who let’s me kind of work when and wherever I want.

I went into the office for the first time in 3 weeks yesterday, mainly because my old outdated IBM laptop was finally being upgraded to a heavy, bug filled, yet faster Dell Laptop (I could write an entire post ranting about this new laptop, but I’ll refrain), and because I was having a set of about 60 large scale (24″x36″) drawings shipped to the office which I didn’t think I’d have space to work from at home.

I survived Monday, mainly because the “bagel break” and new laptop set-up wasted most of my day.  Then Tuesday rolled around and I walked 15 minutes up-hill to get to the bus tunnel, then rode the bus for 45 minutes to get to the office.  By 2pm, I was itching to go home and already thinking, there was no way I could sit in the office for another day.

Maybe it’s my self diagnosed Adult-ADD (which most agree I have) or maybe it’s the loud talkers who sit near me, but no matter what I couldn’t stand to sit in a station position at a desk in a window-less office for another day.   I thought to myself there was no way I could carry two big laptops and a giant stack of 60 drawings, along with my lunch bag and my purse on the bus, so I reluctantly left my things at the office and headed home.

At 7pm, I decided the 24 mile roundtrip drive to the office at 10pm was totally worth it to avoid having to work in the office for a 3rd day in a row.  I tried, I really did, but I just can’t sit still that long, it almost forces me to procrastinate.  I swear I get more done at home than I ever do at the office.

Oh well…I guess I’ll just keep working at home.  I tried to do the right thing.    I just hope I stay on this project forever so I can work from home.  Lord help me the day I actually and forced to go back to a normal desk job.  That’s the day it’ll be time to find a new profession.

2 thoughts on “I tried, I really did.

  1. I certainly am proud of you! You’ll have to do office work (at the office) in slow doses…like a new workout routine. You’ll be just fine!

    And, don’t act like the ADD is something new!! 😉


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