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really nbc? really?

NBC has been under fire since the Olympics started for not showing the events/sports LIVE.   Seriously, why can’t they show them live.  I am particularly upset about this since I live a mere 3 hours away from the venues in the same time zone, but yet I have to wait 5 hours after an event took place to see it on TV.  I’d be better off driving to Vancouver to see the results for myself rather than having to “look away from the screen as the music plays” so the local news can show the results of the day, which you, NBC, have yet to show me.

I admit, I get swept up in the Olympics, in watching the cool events, and I get excited when the USA wins any kind of medal, even if it’s Biathalon, which before this year I had no clue what the event was.   I was really excited to watch Lindsay Von ski, and Shawn White take to the half pipe after all the hype about Lindsay going for the gold even with an injury, and Shawn White unveiling some awesome new trick never before done by anyone!   I gritted my teeth and waited patiently for primetime to watch the events, but then made the cardinal mistake of looking on facebook ans seeing all the raves from my East Coast friends about how Shawn White was a snowboard god!  Well, damn, I guess I know who won!  I still watched the event and tried to convince myself I had no clue of the results, but when he won the gold, I wasn’t excited, because deep down I already knew the result.   Damn you NBC!!  What do I have to do? go on a media blackout each day until primetime, so I can listen to you pretend that you’re airing events live?  Seriously!

Today, as I work from home (like always!) I turned on the TV and see Ice Hockey, and it’s actually on NBC, not on CNBC or USA (why is curling on 24 hours a day on USA?, is there really a need for that much curling coverage?).   I didn’t know we had a hockey game today, so I’m excited to watch,  that is until I see a friends post on Facebook – sorry NBC, perhaps I need a daily reminder of my media blackout – that says “Tried to watch USA-Switzerland game but alas, Days of our Lives was on instead.  Story of the Olympics right there.  Thanks a lot, Bob Costas.” (thanks Micah!)

Well now, I’m pissed.  Days of our Lives was on a few hours ago,  was this game not live??  I go to the Olympic Webpage (spoiler alert!) and there I see it, the headline, “US scrambles to edge Swiss 2-0”.   Seriously?????  Ugh, I just wasted 15 minutes of my life watching the beginning of a game that I now already know the result of.  Why NBC, why are you doing this to me??   You realize you are losing me a viewer of the Olympics by doing this trickery.

In 2008, you aired the Summer Olympics and had no problem showing sports Live, I know this, because I was up at 3 and 4am to watch the one sport I really cared about, rowing.

ESPN has no problem airing games Live all over the country.  I know this for a fact since during college football season I am often at the bar int he early morning for a 9am PST showing of a 12pm EST kick-off.  Sure, I’d love to sleep in on a Saturday morning, but not if it means I watch a game that already happened, and probably already know the outcome of.  If I wanted to watch old games, I’d just DVR everything on ESPN and watch it whenever I felt like it.

Sorry NBC, but I’ve already changed the channel, since it’s not worth it to waste my time watching a Hockey game to which I already know the final score.  Besides, over on ESPNU they are showing a live game in 2mins, which is much more exciting.

etsy much?

Have you ever looked on If not, go visit the site now.  It’s a great site where people can open their own “store” and sell items they make.   If you like one of kind items this site might make you drool.

Anyway, since I got my awesome new MacBook Pro I decided I would need a nice protective sleeve to keep my new toy safe and scratch free while totting it’s cute little self all around Seattle.  I looked at spending $40 on a plain black one they sell at the apple store, and I scoured amazon for a cheaper version of the generic neoprene sleeve that most people have, but then I got a great idea…look on ETSY.   I figured if people can make pillows, clothes, and totes, why not laptop sleeves.     Lo and behold i found a plethora of sleeves, some even made for the exact dimensions of a 13″ macbook pro.   I actually found so many that I was having a hard time deciding.  After a few days of looking around on Etsy I finally found one seller who had almost exactly what I wanted.

Look how cute these things are! (sorry for the small photos, courtesy of ESTY seller Lollington)

How freakin’ cute are those things!  The dinosaur is adorable, and that pink elephant, well he practically had me at hello, but then my mind started to run and I got a fantabulous idea for a custom.   Think two colors with the silhouette of an awesome animal on front.   I got an email back from the sell today telling me should be definitely make my custom.

By evidence of my blog post dedicated just to this, you can only imagine how excited I am!!   Oh, don’t worry, there will be pictures once it is made and in my hands!    All you Hokies, just start being jealous now, this thing is gonna be “fly like a white guy”!  or a puerto rican.

I am a MAC

My Dell died again.  That thing must have nine lives, each of which costs me time & $$ to get back.  The life of my Dell XPS M1330 goes something like this:

  • June 2007:  order expensive, sleak, new 13″ Dell Laptop.  Think it’s the greatest thing ever, can’t wait to get it.
  • July 2007:  still haven’t received my laptop.  Call Dell for the 3rd time, get them to give me a $200 refund because of the delays.
  • August 17, 2007:  my laptop finally arrives!  I think it’s the greatest thing ever.  So small, light, white, trendy.
  • August 18, 2007:  Laptop dies (after 2 months of delays to get the product, I should’ve just packed it up, shipped it back, and demanded a refund).  The power is on, but nothing is on the screen.   Spend 1 hour on hold, and 2 hours on the phone before they finally agree to send a technician to look at my computer.
  • August 25, 2007:  Tech finally comes to look at my laptop.  Takes it apart in front of me, fixes it (or so we think) in about an hour and leaves.
  • August 26, 2007:  Laptop dies again!  screen isn’t working.  Call technician directly, cause I was smart to get his direct #.  Say he needs to order a part.
  • Early Sept 2007:  Part finally arrives, tech comes to replace screen on my laptop.  Problem is fixed.  It has now been 3 months since I ordered this laptop and now it is finally usable.  hallelujah!
  • Spring 2008: fancy XPS logo on laptop now reads PS.   Cosmetic, but after shelling out almost $1500 for this thing, i expect the logo to at least stay on.  I am upset, but it’s not worth it to get it fixed.
  • Fall 2008:  start getting warnings every time I log in that “Although my battery can charge properly it is reaching the end of it’s usable life”  If I unplug the power supply I get about 10 minutes of battery power.  Welp, that lasted about a year.
  • August 2009:  laptop dies ( I believe for the 3rd time).  Will not turn on, it’s just lifeless.  I call Dell technical support.  Apparently my warranty is over.  I swore I bought the 3-year plan, but apparently not.  Sit on hold for over an hour.  Talk to some non-english speaking guy in a country half way around the world who repeatedly asks me to make sure it’s plugged it.  Really Eintein?  I think I would know if my laptop was plugged in, it’s dead, not just sleeping.  Get frustrated, ask to speak to supervisor.  Wait on hold another 35 minutes.  Supervisor is no help.  Finally after talking to 3 people they tell me i need my motherboard replaced.  It’ll cost me $350 and I have to ship my laptop to India or some other far away place.    Now, at this point I would normally just say screw it, but I was in no position to spend another $1000 on a new laptop, so $350 was the cheaper fix.  I hand over my credit card #.
  • A week later:  big padded box arrives for me to ship my laptop in.  I kiss my files and life goodbye and awkwardly drag the huge box to the closest UPS store.
  • Sept 2009: 10 days later:  my laptop returns to me.  Unharmed, files intact, working fine, well except that my battery now gives me 5 minutes of time.
  • Oct 2009: I tried to load a CD and realize although i can load CDs in/out of the slot that my computer is not recognizing the drive.  I call Dell, again.  Sit on hold for 1.5 hours.  Tell them that they disconnected my drive when they replaced my motherboard.  They tell me i can’t prove it and it will cost another $200 to fix.  I say “no way”.  CD/DVDs aren’t necessary, I’ll survive without it.
  • Nov 2009:  my battery is completely gone.  My laptop now tells me there is no battery detected at all.  If the power supply gets unplugged the computer just goes black.  So much for portability.
  • Dec 2009:  my computer rarely shuts down without the whole “hold the power button” trick.  If i choose “shut down” in the menu at 10pm, it’ll still be on the windows screen that says “shutting down” with an hour glass the next morning.  I give up and just cheat.
  • January 2010: while  stalking people on facebook my touchpad begins to bounce around.  No amount of sliding my finger moves the cursor in the right direction.  I give up and use an external mouse.  2 hours later my keyboard gives up.  I have to literally POUND the keys at least 3 or 4 times just to get one letter to show up.  Forget the “enter” key, it’s just a worthless piece of plastic.   I try a “System Restore” but I get a warning telling me there is corruption in my hard disk.  Tells me to run a disk cleanup.  I try, but then I get an error telling me that i must exit the operation system to do this.  Then the computer freezes.
  • February 2010:  I contemplate throwing my $1500 hunk of junk into the puget sound.  It’s a worthless piece of junk.  I resort to using my iphone and clunky work laptop for any computer related needs.  Start researching computers, but decide I am sick of dealing with PC issues.
  • February 12, 2010 – I buy a MacBook Pro.
  • February 14, 2010 – I pick up my new toy,  the nice people at Apple transferred all my files from my broke down Dell for me.  How nice!  The laptop comes in a box smaller than my sister’s tote bag, and with a handle.  I carry it home easily.
  • February 19, 2010 – my internet is sooooo slow on the MAC.  I’ve been ignoring the issue and using my work laptop most of the week.  Must be a setting on my wireless router.  A friend tries to help me, but no luck.  I dread calling Apple support, because I don’t want to waste my afternoon on hold, so I get on to search for a solution.  No luck.   I choose the link to talk to someone on the phone.  I answer 3 questions about my laptop and choose “call me now”.  Really? they will call me??  I like this.   Hit enter and immediately my iPhone rings.  It’s a recording telling me to wait for the next technician.  I put the phone on speaker anticipating a long wait, but before I can even set the phone down a guy is on the phone.  He speaks perfect english and I can understand what he is saying.  I’m tempted to ask him where he is calling from, but I hold back.   He has me  change  a preference on my Mac and then tells me to change the channel on my wireless router.  In under 2 minutes my problem was fixed and I was off the phone.

Sure, I use a PC for work, but I will never again spend MY money on another PC.  I am loving my Mac, and if the service for the next three years under my warranty is anything like it was today then I am 100% sure I’ll be a MAC for life.

I tried, I really did.

I work from home most days.  It’s not something Jacobs;  the conservative firm I work for; supports or even allows most of the time, but I have quite possibly one of the best supervisors ever, who let’s me kind of work when and wherever I want.

I went into the office for the first time in 3 weeks yesterday, mainly because my old outdated IBM laptop was finally being upgraded to a heavy, bug filled, yet faster Dell Laptop (I could write an entire post ranting about this new laptop, but I’ll refrain), and because I was having a set of about 60 large scale (24″x36″) drawings shipped to the office which I didn’t think I’d have space to work from at home.

I survived Monday, mainly because the “bagel break” and new laptop set-up wasted most of my day.  Then Tuesday rolled around and I walked 15 minutes up-hill to get to the bus tunnel, then rode the bus for 45 minutes to get to the office.  By 2pm, I was itching to go home and already thinking, there was no way I could sit in the office for another day.

Maybe it’s my self diagnosed Adult-ADD (which most agree I have) or maybe it’s the loud talkers who sit near me, but no matter what I couldn’t stand to sit in a station position at a desk in a window-less office for another day.   I thought to myself there was no way I could carry two big laptops and a giant stack of 60 drawings, along with my lunch bag and my purse on the bus, so I reluctantly left my things at the office and headed home.

At 7pm, I decided the 24 mile roundtrip drive to the office at 10pm was totally worth it to avoid having to work in the office for a 3rd day in a row.  I tried, I really did, but I just can’t sit still that long, it almost forces me to procrastinate.  I swear I get more done at home than I ever do at the office.

Oh well…I guess I’ll just keep working at home.  I tried to do the right thing.    I just hope I stay on this project forever so I can work from home.  Lord help me the day I actually and forced to go back to a normal desk job.  That’s the day it’ll be time to find a new profession.