Lessons learned. NYE 2009.

There is no real explanation for this post, just my list of lessons learned from my debauchery on New Year’s Eve 2009!

  • Catching a cab on New Year’s Eve is not as hard as everyone thinks.  This rings true for both 9:30 PM and 3:30 AM
  • A book can be an awesome sculpture if someone takes the time to crinkle all the pages.
  • A book-made-sculpture makes a horrible volleyball.  The bruise on my forearm agrees with me.
  • No one likes Lady Gaga quite as much as I do.
  • Trader Joe is my secret lover, but his pizza with sneaky blue cheese is my enemy.
  • If partying at Donna’s apartment; make all plans with people before hand.  AT&T gets no service in the concrete pit.  Texts were sent to 12 different people and it even took a facebook email to get someone in the house.  Sorry Lauren & Micah!
  • Fireworks coming off the space needle is cool.  Even if you stand in the freezing rain and have to peer through clouds to see it.
  • Drinking a Champagne toast out of a huge wine glass is necessary.
  • Kisses at midnight should not be a chore and should last longer.
  • Burning a perfectly good book sculpture at 12:05 AM should be a new tradition.
  • Someone got way too excited about burning said book sculpture.
  • When the sign says “spicy chicken”, they mean the chicken is going to be spicy!
  • I was not scared of being hit by a car while running across the street in the rain at 3am,  I was merely concerned for the safety of my tacos.  In case you are wondering, they arrived home safely.
  • Apples to Apples is quite possibly the greatest manufactured drunk game ever.   And yes, canadians are smelly.
  • A bra makes a perfect card holder so hands can be used for drinking between your turn.
  • McDonald’s does not deliver, however they will answer the phone at 4 AM and laugh at you explaining that the taco you ate was really spicy and that you just need one double cheeseburger and are willing to pay mileage.
  • The night is only successful if you go to bed after the morning news has started.

Happy New Year!

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