i surrender….

I love Verizon wireless, I really do.  The service is fantastic, I never drop calls, and the prices are reasonable compared to others, but there is one giant let down.  The iPhone!   I’m sure every verizon customer shares my disappointment in the fact that they do not sell the iPhone.  Sure there are always reports that it is coming in 2009, then it was coming in 2010, now perhaps 2011 or 2012, but some of us just can’t wait that long.  I’ve wanted an iPhone since the first day they were sold, but always held out for numerous reasons, including that I didn’t want to drop down a notch in service and “settle” for AT&T.   I am giving in and saying “Adios” to verizon and switching over to the lesser network to satisfy my thirst for a seamless touchscreen, a huge storage capicity, and the apps… oh the apps!!

I will miss Verizon, and when my service drops a call from the comfort of my living room I will curse the day Apple decided to go with AT&T instead of Verizon, but then I will open my Pandora app & play some music, while ordering and paying for Chipotle in a few simple taps on my screen; and the memories of my dropped call will be so faint I’ll forget it ever happened.  That is until the next call is dropped….but I’ll get over it.

I decided to get the white iPhone (so sleek & trendy!).  I see it as a symbolic white flag to the corporate overlords at Apple & AT&T.  Yes, you got me, I am surrending to the AT&T  iPhone!!  I’ve never been more excited to get crappy cellphone coverage.. woohoo!

I ❤ the iPhone!

2 thoughts on “i surrender….

    1. Haha! I know, they are horrible, but the iphone is just so fantastic. I couldn’t help myself. I’m praying that in exactly 2 years time verizon will finally carry the iphone then I’ll switch back.
      On a seperate note…I didn’t know you read my blog.. hooray!


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