27 years down…?? to go.

Today I turned 27!   Sorry to all my readers who are older than me, but I feel old!!   Where has the time gone?  I remember my toy story themed birthday party like it was yesterday, granted it was my 17th birthday, but still.   What the heck have I been doing for 27 years?   Looking back, sometimes I wonder how I even made it to 27.  I definitely had some reckless years in there, haha.  Oh how I miss college!!

Anyway, although today is my actually birthday, I took it upon myself to go out and celebrate last night with friends, it’s just easier to celebrate on a Saturday.   The day started with a fantastic lunch at Chipotle, followed by a Hokie Hoops win.  Then the night really started with friends at Black Bottle for a “classy” time (well, people tried to keep it classy, despite my inebriated picture taking).

The “classy” people went home, but the awesome people stayed out to join me in some dancing at Frontier Room.  As much as I talk that place down for being a little ghetto I always have a fabulous time there.   I’m sure the massive amounts of dancing santa’s and tequila shots helped a bit!

The night ended with some cream cheese hot dogs, and a phone call to the cops for a fight happening right outside my condo building.   Fun times!  I slept till 1:30pm, despite my mom trying to call me at 10am to wish me a Happy Birthday.  Sorry for not answering that call Mom, but you knew better than to call me that early!  haha.   I got a total of 3 hours of daylight in today, which is totally ok with me, and now I’m heading to dinner with my fantastic sister and brother-in-law.

I may feel old, but despite my good and bad choices over the past 27 years I have no regrets, and I’m healthy, happy, and lucky to have an amazing family, fantabulous friends, and one cute as heck fluffy rat dog in my life!

Plus…I even found a present in my boot from last night…can my birthday get any better?!?!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

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