dirty rotten wallet thiefs!

After spending a week travelling across the entire state of Virginia, ending with a 4 day stint in DC for work I couldn’t wait to get back to Seattle and just be home.  A friend of mine was defending her doctorate thesis in the AM and was having a bar night party to celebrate.  I got home by noon on Friday and rested up for the party.

Around 8pm I met up with my sister & brother-in-law to grab a quick bite to eat before meeting up with the rest of the party.  We went to a small bar/restaurant called The Bookstore in downtown Seattle and sat at a hightop.  I took my wallet out to show my ID to the waitress then promptly placed it back in my purse hanging on the back of my stool.  We sat for about an hour, ordered a round of drinks and some food.

We collected our things and walked out the door.  We walked a mere two blocks to the party and as I reached for my wallet to get out my ID, panic hit me.  I was feeling around furiously but could not find my wallet.  I opened my purse and peered in, grabbing everything in my hands.   My wallet was gone!  Now, I normally would’ve noticed my purse feeling extra “light” without my wallet, but it was pouring rain and I had thrown my umbrella in my purse earlier in the evening so it felt just as heavy as always.

We retraced our steps back to the bar.  Nothing.  We asked everyone who worked at the bar.  Nothing.  We asked the people at the hotel where the bar is located.  Nothing.  We asked the valet’s at the hotel.  Nothing.  My wallet had officially been stolen.  I called the police, filed a report, and immediately walked my depressed self home in the pouring rain and began calling every card company I had to cancel my accounts.

Today as I opened my AMEX corporate account to do my expense report I noticed charges that were definitely not mine.  I immediately called to dispute the charges.  AMEX had no answer as to how my card was able to be used on Saturday when I clearly called on Friday to cancel it, but none the less the dirty rotten wallet thief used my corporate amex at 2 different shell gas stations for a total of $100, then $12 at Mcdonald’s and another $53 at a chevron gas station.  Also, used another card of mine on Saturday at a shell gas station and then at a Jack in the Box 6 different times in 3 hours!!

Not sure how many times you can go to a gas station to purchase things, or how many times you can eat at Jack in the Box in a 3 hour window without looking suspicious, but…

Either way, I’m not being held to any of the charges since they happened after I reported the card stolen, but I still can’t believe that someone stole my wallet, from right next to me.  It’s a crazy world out there, filled with crazy idiot thiefs.   I feel kind of like my life was taken hostage…but I’m getting over it.  I’ll feel better once I purchase a new wallet, a new purse (with a zipper!) and get all my cards and driver’s license replaced.

Warning to ladies…have a purse with a zipper.  Not that it will stop someone from stealing your entire purse, but at least keep them from stealing just your wallet.

2 thoughts on “dirty rotten wallet thiefs!

  1. LOL… I laughed out loud through reading this, just picturing your face with all the reactions. But seriously, how many times can you go to a gas station or fast food that many times. I feel like if I stole a credit card and it worked on something small, I would go for something much much bigger like a TV or something!! Not that I’m a thief of anything…


  2. I know right! Go to Best Buy and try to purchase a flat screen! I was almost more pissed that they they waste their time and energy to steal my wallet just to get some booze at the gas station and pig out on jack in the box! Lazy-ass criminals. If someone ever steals my wallet again I at least hope they buy something big (or try to) just so it makes it a little more worth it to me.


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