can’t sleep @ 36,000 feet! a story from seat 38A

It’s 2:17 AM, can’t sleep and I’m 36,000+ feet above the a plane!  Don’t worry, no snakes on this plane, just a whole ton of people, and one in particular who can’t sleep, me!  It’s been a really bumpy ride, and my ass is fast asleep.  If only my brain and eyes could follow.

Airplanes now have wi-fi.  Who knew?   Of course this service isn’t free.  it’s one of those, “open your web browser to a payment page” type things, but creating a first time account is free on Delta so I had to give it a try.   Hench how I am writing and posting a blog from the air!  Woohoo!   There is a first time for everything.  If only my friends were still awake so I could have someone to g-chat with, or to swamp FB status update comments with, but oh well.

I should be sleeping and resting for the big VT game, but I just can’t seem to sleep in a tiny uncomfortable seat on a bumpy plane ride.  I used to sleep on planes like it was my job.  I’d be passed out before we even left the run way and wake up when the plane hit the ground again.  Sometimes over hte past year, that changed.  Perhaps it’s the crazy long flights (which seems a little backwards) or the amount of times I’ve flown over the past year after moving to Seattle, but somewhere along the way my body forgot how to sleep on a plane.   It could have something to do with the overcrowded flights now, and no extra space to spread out, but who knows.  Either way, I’m wide awake at 2:30AM posting on my blog from 38A.  Wonder if my typing is kepeing people awake…oh well.

Questions for all 2 of my readers….why are red-eye flights always filled with young kids and babies??

1 thought on “can’t sleep @ 36,000 feet! a story from seat 38A

  1. Because babies sleep at night so parents try to fly at night so they won’t be screaming their little heads off the entire flight….and the parents can actually have some peace and quiet.


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