when dogs fly!

The increasing price of airplane travel is ridiculous!   The amount of flights available this holiday season seem to be cut in half and with that the prices have more than doubled.  Last year I paid a whopping $232 including all taxes and fees to fly to VA for the holidays and today I just spent $625!!   Granted a portion of that paid for Lane’s ticket.  Yes, I bought my dog a plane ticket home, it’s cheaper than the cost of boarding her in a tiny cage for a week.   That said plane ticket cost me $250!!!   Now you would think I’d be paying for her to have her own tiny seat in first class for that price, but no, no, no!  $250 merely bought her a roundtrip ticket to sit crammed in a bag under the seat for the entirety of each flight segment.   How that is any different than bringing my laptop bag and stuffing it below my seat for free is beyond me, but leave it to the airline industry to charge you for something you normally get for free…carry-on luggage…just because it contains a living thing.

I am bitter about paying such a high price just to shove my dog in a bag and carry her on a plane where she’s stuck on the floor under the seat, but the alternative was having her sit in a cage for a week so I bit the dust with little arguement to the reservation agent (cause I knew I couldn’t win) and paid the fee.  Ugh!   Poor Lane, I should start putting her in the bag now to get her used to it.  It’s gonna be a stressful first day of travel for her come Dec 21st, but hopefully she does ok.

1 thought on “when dogs fly!

  1. At least she doesn’t have to be in cargo!! I don’t even think they guarantee your pet to get there safely if you do that – it’s crazy.


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