Daily Archives: 5 October 2009

Holy Hole Batman!

Early this year I was able to cross off one of the items on my “Things to do before I’m 30” list.   This list doesn’t actually exist in a physical form, but it’s all in my head.  Either way, ever since high school I always wanted a few piercings, nothing crazy but more than just a hole in each ear.  First it started with my second hole in my ears, which I got done for free while I and other 18 year olds trained each other to pierce ears at The Limited Too.  Yes, I was a certified ear piercer while working at a children’s store in the mall…there are so many things wrong with that!  My mother was not happy.

Then I went and got my cartilage pierced.  This was a big rebellion.  My mother didn’t notice for a few weeks, but when she did, she was not happy once again and this time forced me to remove it.  I was mad because I had paid for it and of course it closed up quickly being only a few weeks old.  Either way, a few months later I was in college and got it pierced again, and without my mother around she didn’t see it till it was too late.  She did force me to remove it for my sister’s wedding…as if anyone would see it.  My mother was not happy.

What my mother didn’t know is that I always wanted my nose pierced.  Nothing crazy like a bull-ring, but just a simple little “sparkly freckle” as I like to call it, on my nostril.  I never went through with the piercing in college, although I got close a few times, but see as how I was still financially dependent on my parents, I just knew it would end badly so I resisted.

Then I moved to Northern Virginia and although I still wanted it done I felt it wouldn’t be the most appropriate thing while working in a corporate office environment and having government clients, so again, I restrained myself and just put it on my “list”.

Then I moved to Seattle!  Wonderful Seattle…land of way too many body piercings, tattoos, and who knows what else.   I would say 1 of every 5 females under the age of 30 living in downtown Seattle has some kind of piercing other than ears and a LOT of them are nose piercings.  Either way, I figure, this is the perfect time!  I’m still barely young enough to pull it off, and I knew no one in my office would care.  I up and went on a Thursday evening, all by myself to get it done.  It wasn’t painful at all.   I like it, it’s small and classy and exactly what I wanted, just a “sparkly freckle”.  I immediately posted a picture on Facebook after I got it done.  My mother was not happy.