I love college football season, as you can see from reading any one of my numerous blog posts about Virginia Tech Football, but each season I lose years off my life when VT insists on winning games huge one week then narrowly winning games the next.    It only Oct 3rd and already I feel I lost a 5 years off my life at the Nebraska game alone, even though it was one of the best comesbacks and endings of a VT game I have ever seen in my life.   Today I lost another 5 years off my life while spending 60+ minutes of being thoroughly nervous while VT played at Duke.  Yes, DUKE!   VT stuggled all game defensively and although we got almost 500 yards of offense, it makes no difference when our defense allowed almost 400 yards of offense from the opposing team.

We should’ve rolled into “Lane Stadium South” and steam rolled Duke and won by a margin of 40+ points and finished out the game with our 3rd string.  Instead we played hard and tough the entire game and escaped with a 34-26 unconvincing win.   I love my Hokie Football, no matter if we win or lose, but why can’t we just be an consistent team!  Just one year, one season I want to win games back to back without fearing that we’ll lose to Duke!   Although, if I had my wish I guess it really wouldn’t be college football.   I guess the unpredictabilty of college football is what most of us love.

Just one thing though Hokies….let’s not even play a game that close against Duke again.

On a side note UVA finally one a game!  they are now 1-3…blah blah blah.  I hope we run circles around them in November, but we better get our act together and play better than we played against Duke.


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