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can’t sleep @ 36,000 feet! a story from seat 38A

It’s 2:17 AM, can’t sleep and I’m 36,000+ feet above the a plane!  Don’t worry, no snakes on this plane, just a whole ton of people, and one in particular who can’t sleep, me!  It’s been a really bumpy ride, and my ass is fast asleep.  If only my brain and eyes could follow.

Airplanes now have wi-fi.  Who knew?   Of course this service isn’t free.  it’s one of those, “open your web browser to a payment page” type things, but creating a first time account is free on Delta so I had to give it a try.   Hench how I am writing and posting a blog from the air!  Woohoo!   There is a first time for everything.  If only my friends were still awake so I could have someone to g-chat with, or to swamp FB status update comments with, but oh well.

I should be sleeping and resting for the big VT game, but I just can’t seem to sleep in a tiny uncomfortable seat on a bumpy plane ride.  I used to sleep on planes like it was my job.  I’d be passed out before we even left the run way and wake up when the plane hit the ground again.  Sometimes over hte past year, that changed.  Perhaps it’s the crazy long flights (which seems a little backwards) or the amount of times I’ve flown over the past year after moving to Seattle, but somewhere along the way my body forgot how to sleep on a plane.   It could have something to do with the overcrowded flights now, and no extra space to spread out, but who knows.  Either way, I’m wide awake at 2:30AM posting on my blog from 38A.  Wonder if my typing is kepeing people awake…oh well.

Questions for all 2 of my readers….why are red-eye flights always filled with young kids and babies??

when dogs fly!

The increasing price of airplane travel is ridiculous!   The amount of flights available this holiday season seem to be cut in half and with that the prices have more than doubled.  Last year I paid a whopping $232 including all taxes and fees to fly to VA for the holidays and today I just spent $625!!   Granted a portion of that paid for Lane’s ticket.  Yes, I bought my dog a plane ticket home, it’s cheaper than the cost of boarding her in a tiny cage for a week.   That said plane ticket cost me $250!!!   Now you would think I’d be paying for her to have her own tiny seat in first class for that price, but no, no, no!  $250 merely bought her a roundtrip ticket to sit crammed in a bag under the seat for the entirety of each flight segment.   How that is any different than bringing my laptop bag and stuffing it below my seat for free is beyond me, but leave it to the airline industry to charge you for something you normally get for free…carry-on luggage…just because it contains a living thing.

I am bitter about paying such a high price just to shove my dog in a bag and carry her on a plane where she’s stuck on the floor under the seat, but the alternative was having her sit in a cage for a week so I bit the dust with little arguement to the reservation agent (cause I knew I couldn’t win) and paid the fee.  Ugh!   Poor Lane, I should start putting her in the bag now to get her used to it.  It’s gonna be a stressful first day of travel for her come Dec 21st, but hopefully she does ok.

Holy Hole Batman!

Early this year I was able to cross off one of the items on my “Things to do before I’m 30” list.   This list doesn’t actually exist in a physical form, but it’s all in my head.  Either way, ever since high school I always wanted a few piercings, nothing crazy but more than just a hole in each ear.  First it started with my second hole in my ears, which I got done for free while I and other 18 year olds trained each other to pierce ears at The Limited Too.  Yes, I was a certified ear piercer while working at a children’s store in the mall…there are so many things wrong with that!  My mother was not happy.

Then I went and got my cartilage pierced.  This was a big rebellion.  My mother didn’t notice for a few weeks, but when she did, she was not happy once again and this time forced me to remove it.  I was mad because I had paid for it and of course it closed up quickly being only a few weeks old.  Either way, a few months later I was in college and got it pierced again, and without my mother around she didn’t see it till it was too late.  She did force me to remove it for my sister’s wedding…as if anyone would see it.  My mother was not happy.

What my mother didn’t know is that I always wanted my nose pierced.  Nothing crazy like a bull-ring, but just a simple little “sparkly freckle” as I like to call it, on my nostril.  I never went through with the piercing in college, although I got close a few times, but see as how I was still financially dependent on my parents, I just knew it would end badly so I resisted.

Then I moved to Northern Virginia and although I still wanted it done I felt it wouldn’t be the most appropriate thing while working in a corporate office environment and having government clients, so again, I restrained myself and just put it on my “list”.

Then I moved to Seattle!  Wonderful Seattle…land of way too many body piercings, tattoos, and who knows what else.   I would say 1 of every 5 females under the age of 30 living in downtown Seattle has some kind of piercing other than ears and a LOT of them are nose piercings.  Either way, I figure, this is the perfect time!  I’m still barely young enough to pull it off, and I knew no one in my office would care.  I up and went on a Thursday evening, all by myself to get it done.  It wasn’t painful at all.   I like it, it’s small and classy and exactly what I wanted, just a “sparkly freckle”.  I immediately posted a picture on Facebook after I got it done.  My mother was not happy.



I love college football season, as you can see from reading any one of my numerous blog posts about Virginia Tech Football, but each season I lose years off my life when VT insists on winning games huge one week then narrowly winning games the next.    It only Oct 3rd and already I feel I lost a 5 years off my life at the Nebraska game alone, even though it was one of the best comesbacks and endings of a VT game I have ever seen in my life.   Today I lost another 5 years off my life while spending 60+ minutes of being thoroughly nervous while VT played at Duke.  Yes, DUKE!   VT stuggled all game defensively and although we got almost 500 yards of offense, it makes no difference when our defense allowed almost 400 yards of offense from the opposing team.

We should’ve rolled into “Lane Stadium South” and steam rolled Duke and won by a margin of 40+ points and finished out the game with our 3rd string.  Instead we played hard and tough the entire game and escaped with a 34-26 unconvincing win.   I love my Hokie Football, no matter if we win or lose, but why can’t we just be an consistent team!  Just one year, one season I want to win games back to back without fearing that we’ll lose to Duke!   Although, if I had my wish I guess it really wouldn’t be college football.   I guess the unpredictabilty of college football is what most of us love.

Just one thing though Hokies….let’s not even play a game that close against Duke again.

On a side note UVA finally one a game!  they are now 1-3…blah blah blah.  I hope we run circles around them in November, but we better get our act together and play better than we played against Duke.