Daily Archives: 30 September 2009

I’m bringin’ lazy back!

Lazy and procrastination that is.   I have probably written a dozen posts wherein I mention something about me being a procrastinator or just prove to be a procrastinator just by writing them (hence this blog post).

I am sitting for Sections I and II or the NCIDQ exam this Friday (it is now Wednesday) which is the certification exam for Interior Designers.  There are 3 sections total to become certified.  Of course I opted out of the 3rd section for now for one it’s a practicum portion which means drawing and actual designing, which is my weak link and two it takes place on a Saturday and there is nothing that would have me sitting in a silent test room for 8 hours on a Saturday during college football season.  I have priorities!

People spend months to years studying for this exam, but as I wrote in a previous post, “I don’t Study!” so of course I’ve waited till a few days before the test to even open the book I purchased a month ago.   I was glancing through the “Introduction” which includes some helpful study tips.  It list 6 steps to successful studying and when I read #6 I had to just laugh out loud.

Step 6:  Stop studying a day or two before the exam to relax.  By this time, no amount of cramming will help.

hahahhaha….I’ll show them!  I am working in reverse and only beginnign to study a day or two before the exam.  531 total pages of study material.  24 down 507 to go!!   Wish me luck! 😛