brown paper packages all tied up with string…

…these are a few of my favorite things!

I am not normally one for plugging products or the such, but I’ve been enjoying some of my favorite things lately and even found a few new ones so I thought I’d share with the rest of the blog-o-sphere.

  1. Virginia Tech Football – this is a no-brainer.  Some might say this isn’t really a tangible “thing”…but when you get the chance to fly clear across this great country to attend a game in person it definitely become tangible.  I used some hotel points and airline miles to get myself to two games already this season and thanks to a well-timed work trip to DC will be making it to at least one more game.  I love Hokie Football!
  2. Theo Chocolate – Chocolate is so yummy and when it comes from a local factory in Seattle that is the only Ceritfied Organic, Free-Trade, Bean-to-Bar factory in the country it makes it that much sweeter.  A little peice of dark chocolate every now and then actually contains some good stuff.  I love their 84% Ghana Dark Chocolate and their Bread & Chocolate bar is just to die for.   3400-phinney-group
  3. EOS Lip Balm –  I’ll put on a little lipstick for special occassions, but really I’m a gloss and chapstick girl.   The past few years I’ve migrated from old school Chapstik brand to Bert’s Bee’s, which is more organic and just seemed to work better…but by accident I happened upon a link to get a free lip balm from Evolution of Smooth (EOS) so I submitted my address and 3 weeks later I had my cute little sphere of lip balm in my mail box.  This lip blam not only comes in awesome flavors and in this awesomely cute little sphere but it is by far the longest lasting lip balm I have ever used!   Even after eating lunch there is no need to reapply.  My lips are soft and smooth and just loving this little sphere of balm.  The added’s organic! which of course is all us Seattle people care about.  Buy it now!  shop_sphere_min_medium
  4. Rainbow Flip-Flops – I used to be strictly a “Reefs” wearing, but my senior year of college I caved in and made the $45 purchase of Rainbow Sandals.  Still Ioccassionaly don my black or pink Reefs for old time sake or if the outfit deems it necessary, but I would say 95% of my summer is spent in my faithful Rainbow flip-flops.  Sure my feet have left permanent feet prints on the leather footbed and yes I have spilled beer on these shoes more times than I care to admit, but they are still the most comfortable flip-flops I have ever put on my tiny little feet.   As the summer weather comes to an end here in Seattle I am saddened that my rainbows will not see as much wear time.  The cold weather in VA was never a reason to keep my feet from my rainbow flippie floppies, but the wet rainy months here in Seattle has me placing my rainbows on a self until the ground dries.   Mine almost look like this but I love them anyway.
  5. GuarWorniPhone – sure I don’t exactly have oneof these yet, but it’s only a matter of weeks maybe days till I head to the nearest Apple store to pick out my brand new iPhone.  The hardest part will be deciding which App to buy first.  The Ikea app has caught my attention…but I have a feeling a whole post will form once I finallly get my iPhone that I’ve been dreaming about since the first day they were sold a few years ago.
  6. Pandora Radio –  sure they have started to limit your listening time to 40 hours/month but a mere $30 payment let’s you listen unlimited for an entire year and download a cool little Pandora player which means no more cursing when you accidentally close your browser or having to click “I’m still listening” every 1-3 hours.   I admit to being obcessed with a few certain stations such as “Adele” for my calming days and “Lady Gaga” and “Flo Rida” when I need some dance music pick-me-ups, but no matter what my mood Pandora is there for me.  Even when I’m needing some Disco to get me through the day.  Oh yeah.. Pandora will be my first download from the Apple App Store!

Ok…I could on and on with this list, rambling about my Coach Sunglasses, my Chi Flat-Iron, my Nintendo Wii, my unadulterated obcession with Chick-Fil-AIMG00005 and blah blah blah blah, but I’ll stop while I’m ahead.   Besides…I’m sure you’re bored to tears by now.   I’ll end with just one last thing and this may just be my most favorite thing of all…no descrption needed…..232323232%7Ffp933)nu=3238)49;)833)WSNRCG=325 247 8338nu0mrj

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