i don’t study

How I ever made it through college, let alone High school, middle school, and even elementary school is a miracle.  I hate studying.  Sure in 2nd grade I was the only student in the entire grade who went the entire school year with nothing but straight A’s, I even have a trophy to prove it, and in 5th grade I got another trophy for getting straight A’s the entire year..but those grades were easy.  Starting at the age of 2.5 I encouraged my sister to set up a “play” school and teach me everything she learned at school that day when she got home so I guess I was always a few years ahead of myself.

I’m not trying to brag, but I’ve always been told I had natural smarts, and I’ll be the first to admit I never worked hard at school, honestly I barely worked at all.  If it wasn’t for all the stupid graded homework I would’ve graduation high school with a 4.0!  Stupid homework!   In 11th grade I asked my math teacher why we needed to do 30-40 math problems every night?  It seemed so repeatedive and just a plain waste of my time.  Her response was that is was “practice” and if I didn’t practice the problems I would never pass the tests.  Being the lovely smart-ass 16 year old I was at the time (…and sometimes still am! haha) I told her I was not going to do the homework and still get an A on the test just to prove her wrong.  So I didn’t do a ounce of homework for an entire 9-week grading period and then got a 99% on the test.  It would’ve been a 100% if I hadn’t forgotten to put the “units” on an answer to a silly word problem.  Either way, I had proved my point and therefore thought she would excuse me from my homework…ha!  I was wrong i got a 0 (zero) for my homework average and a 99% for my test average, but even though the test was worth more in my grade it still only averaged to like a 65!  I got a D!   I was mortified, but I knew that it wasn’t because I wasn’t smart, it was as my mother would later say, “I was bored”.   I was bored to tears at school, everything just seemed like common sense and easy so I slept my way through classes, skipped school to go to the beach, and was just plain lazy.  Through all that I still graduated high school with a 3.4 GPA and then went on to college to be even more lazy and graduated with a 3.4 GPA again!   I can even recall losing a bet with friends for being the first one to miss/skip a class.  It was only the first day and by 10am I had already skipped my very first class of the semester.

Either way,  at the ripe age of 26 and a little more than 4 years out of college I find myself studying again.  This time for a certification exam for Interior Design, which I haven’t really practiced in 2+ years!   People spend months and months preparing for this test, hours each day studying, and taking prepartory classes just for a chance to pass and here I am on Monday evening, a mere 4 days before test day and all I’ve done is read through one chapter in my study guide, which I don’t remember a bit of today, got sunburned while studying and I’m sitting on my couch typing a blog post rather than studying.  What can I say…I just don’t study.  I don’t have the motivation, I never have.   I’m not sure my natural smarts will get me by on this test…but we’ll see.   I was never destined to be a student.  I don’t study.

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